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May 29, 2011 07:30 PM

Tipo 00 flour in Halifax??

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells Tipo 00 flour in Halifax or area? It is an Italian flour (need it to make our homemade pizza!!). So far we have tried Superstore, Bulk Barn, both Pete's locations, the Italian Market on Young....any other suggestions as to where to try?

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  1. The Italian Market on Young Street has several kinds of tipo 00 flour. Facing the back of the store, they are on the left side of the pasta aisle, closest to the front of the store, near the polenta and rice. What you want is their molini pizzuti brand farina per pizza. It is in a 1kg paper package that is red, white and green.

    Be careful not to buy the stuff with the big blue label that says "tipo 00. It is soft wheat flour for making pasta.

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      Thanks very much! I will go back and check...we must've walked right by it!

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        There is some confusion with regard to what Caputo flour is best for pizza and this topic is addressed here:
        Basically, the blue label "pizzeria" is one of the benchmark flours for authentic dough so if that is what they have, give it a try.

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        1. I know you've checked Pete's but I was in the one in Bedford yesterday and they had 1 kg bags on special. Sorry I forget the price, but I'm sure a quick phone call will help. As an aside, I've had them order me in stuff a few times. As long as their suppliers have it they are usually able to help out.