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Menchies Frozen Yogurt on Bloor Street...Super Nice folks, adorable mascot...I really wanted to like it.

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I was in the Bloor and Bathurst on Saturday with my kids who were beggin for ice cream and who could resist the Munchies adorable mascot with a soft serve swirl of hair?

Great concept:
Pick up a cup, add any soft serve flavours frozen yogurt you wish, add any toppings, syrups, fruit as you wish. Weigh and pay.

I love the idea, the people were ever so kind, the decor so spunky and cute and clean.

Why would they screw it up with nasty tasting frozen ice?

More over, how is it possible that people can't tell that this frozen yogurt has the most bizzare taste and the mosty icy texture? It doesn't even remotely taste like frozen yogurt. I tried three flavours and blech.

I can eat Dairy Queen and not mind, even McDonald's icecream sundae's once every blue moon but Munchies tastes like that soft serve they have at the really cheap buffet restos, even worse if my memory serves me well.

Anybody know the secret or has the chemical food generation simply have shrivelled up tastebuds?

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  1. Of the 4 in the area, Menchies, Yoyo's, MonBerri and CeFiori, I think MonBerri is the best followed but CeFiori. These two don't have self serve toppings like Menchies and Yoyo's but at least the yogurt tastes like yogurt.
    For the best soft serve ice cream, hands down, it's Tom's Dairy Freeze on the Queensway.

    Tom's Dairy Freeze
    630 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Y1K5, CA

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      I like MonBerri, and it's closest to ones I've tried in California.They always give me a funny look when I ask for mochi, mochi and mochi as toppings, though ;)

    2. The 'idea' behind Menchie's is to serve frozen yogurt that tastes more like ice cream than yogurt. they try very hard to get every last bit of the yogurty tartness out.

      1. I think you should at least compare it with other frozen yogurt places.. not DQ or McD.

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          Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Reading the original post, I have to wonder if Idas even realizes that frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream are not the same thing.

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            That's not how I read it. The product does not taste like yogurt, that is stated in
            the first paragraph. I don't think Idas needs to try every fro-yo in town to let us know this particular product is not tasty. I appreciate the info.

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              I don't know -- Idas states that it tastes "bizarre" and not like frozen yogurt, then goes on to compare it to DQ, McDonald's, and buffets, all of which serve soft serve ice cream, not frozen yogurt. If your only point of reference is ice cream, then yes, frozen yogurt is going to taste pretty bizarre.

              So I think it's valid enough to wonder if Idas realizes that there is supposed to be a difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt, since she doesn't make it clear in her review.

        2. It's MENCHIE'S, by the way, not Munchies. I was also excited to try this, having had Pinkberry Yogurt while in California a few months ago. There was no comparison. The plain Pinkberry yogurt tasted REAL, with flavours that tasted REAL. The Menchie's plain yogurt has a horrible chemical taste that is only made worse by the chemically tasting flavours.

          1. I tried the frozen yogourt at Shakeolait which is on Yonge, north of Gerrard courtesy of a FabFind groupon.

            Found the fro-yogourt to actually taste like yogourt. Reminscent of Liberte. Not sure if anybody else has tried it and can verify - but it was actually pretty good.

            Also tried a bit of a milkshake. It was very heavy as they actually chop an entire chocolate bar and blend it with the ice cream and milk. Good, but heavy.

            1. Anyone know anything about Yogurty's http://www.yogurtys.com/ ? They seem to have one location so far in the GTA (and two in Mexico) and are opening many more, including at Bathurst & Eglinton (in the former PizzaPizza location).

              1. At least get the store's name right. sheesh!

                Menchie's is fat-free yoghurt. So obviously, there is a trade-off flavour-wise. When I go there, I'm particular about the flavours I choose. I only like 2 or 3.

                If you want good flavours, you go for gelato or to Greg's. If you want a fat-free treat with toppings, Menchie's is excellent.

                And your claim about chemical flavours....McDonald's has zero taste and I get an allergic reaction every time I eat it (which I don't do any more). Dairy Queen is ice cream (if you can call it that) and tastes like a frozen dairy dessert. It does not taste like cream nor eggs.

                Dairy Queen Restaurant
                234 Hay S, Oakville, ON L6H, CA

                1. Oops, sorry for the typo on Menchies.

                  For the record and my meagre chow credentials:

                  I really like frozen yogurt and I love gelato. When I am in a junk food mood with my kids I can handle a small DQ or Mc D's.

                  Sorry atomeyes my goal was not to offend Menchie lovers.

                  Despite your reaction to chemicals in food, I am comparing quality of product category for flavour. I am placing Menchies in that fast-food quality category which, for a specialty shop, I was hoping for better. Serves me right though, I should have known by the paparazzi photos of celebrities plastered on their walls. I don't agree that a fat-free frozen yogurt has to taste like Menchie's does. Though you find it excellent for fat-free, I wouldn't use my calories there fat-free or otherwise.

                  Michael N: Like julesrules noted, I didn't bother compare it to any frozen yogurt because it doesn't (IMO) even pretend to be frozen yogurt, neither in texture nor taste nor quality. I was emphatically trying to illustrate how NOT like FroYo it was by my comparison to buffet soft-serve.

                  At first I thought that I should have been more explicit since I gave you the wrong impression, then I noticed that julesrules grasped my points quite easily so I hope (as I intended to) that I managed to help others avoid Menchies if what they are looking for is actually a real frozen yogurt experience.

                  While not every place can be as tasty as the California awesomness I love, I dream in Toronto something at least 1/2 as yogurty and have real fruit flavours infused not chemically blended (toppings notwithstanding). (Sadly I live uptown and we have no such goodness up here like Monberri nearby.)

                  Meatnveg: I wasn't aware that the idea of Menchies was to NOT taste frozen yogurtish as a first-time consumer. How confusing of them using the word Yogurt all over their website and marketing if their goal is to taste ice creamy. I can't imagine why they would confuse consumers calling it frozen yogurt except to swindle consumers looking for something healthy.

                  Well, my kids enjoyed it (sort of, they just ate the toppings and really had fun with the tattoos of the Menchie mascot).

                  Just wondering, we have a Yogurty’s opening up locally, by the looks of their website, it gives the impression that they are they more of the same Menchies business type. Before I get my hopes up, any feedback?


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                  1. re: Idas

                    I agree it's misleading. The webiste should say, "here's something that tastes like ice cream; It is made from Yogurt so you can have it without guilt" (also false but what are you gonna do)

                    I will say that it is easier to find a healthier alternative at Menchies than at a DQ. Stick to the tart flavours and the fruit toppings.
                    Finally, they are from LA, and I guess the competition for 'real yogurt' is not as hot there.

                    I am looking forward to the Yogurty's opening (avenue & lawrence?), so keep us posted.

                    1. re: Idas

                      Thought I should add that if you are looking for something that is actually a healthier frozen yogurt option, then try deKefir in the Bay-Adelaide centre.
                      It's by far the best yofurt dessert option I have found, now only if their hours would match mine.

                    2. If you're looking for another alternative, I would recommend YoYo's if you're looking for a similar concept. YoYo's has the same self-serve + toppings concept, and they use real ingredients, at least that's what they say on the posters inside. It's cute and it's been a weekly obsession of mine.