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May 29, 2011 06:27 PM

Storing Jim Lahey Bread

Has anyone figured out a good way to store this bread? I love this bread but haven't figured out a good way to store it after cutting into it. I've tried the brown paper bag, paper towl, bread bag etc. The only solution I have figured out so far is to eat as much as possible after it comes out of the oven.

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  1. Even a great sourdough isn't going to last more than about 4 days on the counter. In general, i find a paper bag with the cut side down usually best, so the crust doesn't get too soft and the cut side doesn't dry out too much. Or paper bag inside a loosely wrapped plastic bag. You're probably going to have some loss no matter what (trimming dry cut surface), and after 4 days anything left is better off as toast. Bread doesn't last for ever, it is what it is.

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      BF's first choice of cut side down on a paper bag is my method as well. Sullivan St. loaves will last for eating about 3-4 days before toast is their only choice, due l feel to the amount of bread that is not crust. One guy l buy from in Paris whose loaf is almost all crust lasts a week easy as there is very little to dry out.

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        Third this method--and it just doesn't taste good after a day.

        1. I've stored it out on my cutting board, cut side down and that's good for about 24 hours after it cools and is cut. After that, a loose plastic bag over it. And It's never lasted for 4 days around here, but at 3 we were using it for bruschetta, toasted.

          1. I have found just storing it cut-side down on the cutting board keeps it fine for at least two days. It also freezes pretty well, too.

            1. storage of these loaves is an issue I haven't had to deal with yet at rancho biscuitboy

              1. I store it in the same dutch oven I bake it in...kind of a funny breadbox, but it works!