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Storing Jim Lahey Bread

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Has anyone figured out a good way to store this bread? I love this bread but haven't figured out a good way to store it after cutting into it. I've tried the brown paper bag, paper towl, bread bag etc. The only solution I have figured out so far is to eat as much as possible after it comes out of the oven.

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  1. Even a great sourdough isn't going to last more than about 4 days on the counter. In general, i find a paper bag with the cut side down usually best, so the crust doesn't get too soft and the cut side doesn't dry out too much. Or paper bag inside a loosely wrapped plastic bag. You're probably going to have some loss no matter what (trimming dry cut surface), and after 4 days anything left is better off as toast. Bread doesn't last for ever, it is what it is.

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      BF's first choice of cut side down on a paper bag is my method as well. Sullivan St. loaves will last for eating about 3-4 days before toast is their only choice, due l feel to the amount of bread that is not crust. One guy l buy from in Paris whose loaf is almost all crust lasts a week easy as there is very little to dry out.

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        Third this method--and it just doesn't taste good after a day.

        1. I've stored it out on my cutting board, cut side down and that's good for about 24 hours after it cools and is cut. After that, a loose plastic bag over it. And It's never lasted for 4 days around here, but at 3 we were using it for bruschetta, toasted.

          1. I have found just storing it cut-side down on the cutting board keeps it fine for at least two days. It also freezes pretty well, too.

            1. storage of these loaves is an issue I haven't had to deal with yet at rancho biscuitboy

              1. I store it in the same dutch oven I bake it in...kind of a funny breadbox, but it works!

                1. Mine gets eaten up so it doesn't see the next day!

                  Here's a suggestion for you though to try. Make rolls instead...I make individual rolls, let it rise, snip it with an X, put on some olive oil on top and bit of salt and bake

                  The crust won't be thick but it's still moist with a nice crumb texture inside. Whatever you don't use, put it in the fridge and make some more rolls next day. Only make what you can eat. Kinda of like the 5 minute bread...leftover refrigerated dough actually gets more flavourful over time in the fridge.