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Best (or decent) Chinese in QA/Fremont/Wallingford/Univ. District?

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All of the best Chinese food seems to be in far flung neighborhoods, not down the street from where I live in QA. I have no problems driving to Bellevue for great Sichuan, but sometimes I just want to grab quick takeout in the 'hood. Any recommendations for good Chinese spots -- doesn't need to be Sichuan, nor even all that authentic -- in Queen Anne, Belltown, Fremont, Wallingford, or the University District?

Queen Anne Cafe
2121 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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  1. In your neighborhood, I'm fond of Uptown China on lower QA. I especially like their Mu Shu Pork and Chang Sa Chicken. I may have to head over and pick some up today . . .

    Uptown China Restaurant
    200 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

    1. I dig Mandarin Chef in U-District...the tangy crispy eggplant thing, and you MUST order their hand-cut wide noodles. Super good. Soups are also highly recommended.

      Mandarin Chef
      5022 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

      1. The last time I was at Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City Way it was still good.

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        2. Ditto to Mandarin Chef. The chef worked for years in the Sichuan Provence before coming over. When I moved off Brooklyn Ave I should have used a 12-Step program to get their dumplings out of my system. They come in huge platters, and are the best I've had in the city. I'm not referring to the pot stickers, but the jiao-zi boiled dumplings. Noodles made from scratch and the aforementioned eggplant are also highlights. But the jiao-zi are worth the trip from anywhere, let alone QA.

          I know you mention it didn't need to be authentic or Sichuan, but Mandarin Chef is both of those things.

          Mandarin Chef
          5022 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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            Mandarin Chef is my go-to Chinese lunch place in the U District, but I doubt it's particularly authentic. Compare their kung pao to a specialty Sichuan place, for instance. No Sichuan peppercorns, not a lot of dried red chillies. Delicious, but probably Americanized.

            Mandarin Chef
            5022 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

          2. What's wrong with going to the ID? It's no further away than the other hoods mentioned.

            There's O'Asian by the King County courthouse.

            1. Rocking Wok is an authentic Taiwanese/Chinese food place. A real hole in the wall off a side street. Real affordable. I'd suggest getting take-out here cause the times i've went, the service although friendly, is just about non-existent...

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                The lax of this joint always surprised me. I went to High School across the street, but they never made any effort to beat-out DQ and A&W for my attention. Twenty years later, when I acted on a dim mystery, it only got deeper. The food made no particular impression beyond cornstarch, but the service really stood out for it's assiduous absence.
                How in the world do they do this, for 40 years?