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May 29, 2011 04:44 PM

Endless fun Sunday Brunch

Unlimited Mimosas, Sangria, Champagne
$10 per person

What would you interpret that to mean? I'll listen a while and tell you what it actually meant.

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  1. Well, to me...Sounds like folks will be drinking their breakfast....hic.....

    1. is this one of those: "it all depends on how you define 'is' is moments? (bill clinton)

      1. To me it sounds as if for $10 you can drink until you fall out of your chair.

        1. One of my favorite Sunday brunch places offers "free flowing champagne" as included in the price for the brunch buffet meaning they will keep filling up your glass for free. I would interpret "unlimited" to mean something similar.

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          1. re: nocharge

            But like you I assumed it was "Included" with the brunch. Nope. Brunch was priced separately. The $10 was just for the booze. .

            1. re: rworange

              Could you get the $10 unlimited booze without buying the brunch food?

          2. anyway, 10$ for champagne ... it's probably not champagne,

            90% orange juice and 10% "sparkling" wine does not make a mimosa.
            90% juice and 7up and 10% (or less) box wine does not make a sangria.

            Anyway, I would go somewhere else.


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            1. re: Maximilien

              The sangria was fairly good, but the 'champagne' and mimosas as you described

              The shame is, that I've been to this joint a number of times. This was the next to the last visit and I had planned to give it a glowing recommendation.

              But not only this ... which I felt was deceptive ... but there were so many screw ups. My favorite was the server who took my order, stood three feet away from me and I couldn't get her attention.

              When she quickly turned her head in my direction, I waved. She cheerfully waved back.

              Are you kidding me?

              I had to get up and inform her I wasn't saying hello, but trying to placce an order.

              To note: This is the best French restaurant in town. So this is inexcusable for service. The usual brunch dishes run from $7 - $10. However, business is bad locally and even the best restaurants have been running 2 for 1 dinners and throwing in free wine.

              I think they should have not included the word 'brunch' and just the hours. To me it sounded like the drinks were in addition to the brunch dish.

              Anyway, I won't be going back for a final planned visit. I won't be giving it a glowing report.

              1. re: rworange

                Which restaurant? You should warn us.

                1. re: Janet

                  I will on the South and Central American board. It is mainly great, but it just won't get an unqualified reccomendation from me to go that it would have.

                  Personally, I would find crossing paths with that server unpleasant, so it is a main reason for not doing a final visit. I am sure she won't last long.

              2. re: Maximilien

                at current citrus prices, that ratio for a mimosa would probably be a deal!:-)

                also, as attractive as this offer sounds, the last thing you want to do is get plastered on cheap bubbles!!! unless of course you fancy yourself a masochist and really like headaches.

                1. re: nkeane

                  It's Guatemala and oranges are absurdly inexpensive. A sack of 100 large juice oranges is about $6.25 ... and that is retail. Here's a mountain of oranges


                  This is a town of nothing but drink specials ... I've been in training so a few glasses of wine plus a carelessly put together mango mojito ... warm up for the rest of the night.

                  The French joint had an absinth bar which was going to be my last visit there to knock down a couple of the dozen Absinthe's

                    1. re: rworange

                      wow. with those kinda prices I see why it's so cheap....right now oranges are the cheapest citrus I get at about 40$/case. Limes just WENT DOWN to about 75$/case, so.....

                      watch out for the absinthe....steer clear of anything from Czech. it'll blind you! Kubler, Lucid, and in a pinch, Pernod(absinthe not pastis) will do.