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May 29, 2011 03:26 PM

Where to get bacon without sugar added?

I live in Solana Beach

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  1. Try Trader Joes. I believe you have them in San Diego. I have purchased bacon there without the nitrites. Can't remembered if there were any sugar or not.

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      The package might say that the bacon is nitrate or nitrite free but that is just a marketing trick as they use celery juice and powder to cure the bacon. Celery is very rich in nitrates and will be converted by bacteria (even in your gastrointestinal system) to nitrite. There is no nitrate free bacon available as it is necessary to cure bacon. The sources of the nitrate might be in such way that the it's just "natural" nitrate which is chemically not different to sodium nitrate.
      There is also an nice text from Ruhman about the "no nitrate added hoax" with the TJ bacon as the picture.

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        Garrett County (Wellshire Farms) does not use celery juice or powder, and though sugar is listed, it's negligible and not at all sweet.

    2. Any Asian market will sell pork belly so just ask them to slice it like bacon for you and you have yourself uncured bacon without any sugar added. If you're in an ambitious mood then you can try dry curing it yourself at home.

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        uncured bacon is not bacon! Abort abort!

      2. You should also try panchetta, although it's not smoked.

        1. you could pop to fresh and easy on mira mesa boulevard and try the british style bacon, its not as fatty and streaky as the american kind but I dont think that is sweet.

          Trader joes are in the process of changing all their bacon since niman ranch pulled all the pork and sent it to chipotle, so they are scrambling for a new supplier. Or at least that is what the guy told me when I asked...

          1. Try the Jimbo's stores close to you, either in Carmel Valley in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center or in the Carlsbad Forum. I don't know if there's a specific "no sugar added" brand, but they sell a few kinds of minimally processed bacon in their meat section.