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Mark Bittman's New York Times blog about Detroit

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"During the 48 hours I spent in Detroit, I met enthusiastic black, white and Asian people, from age 10 to over 60, almost all of whom agreed that food is the key to the new Detroit........"

And a tilapia and shrimp farm coming near Eastern market.

Here's the link


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  1. Thanks Rosedale. It was an entertaining and flattering read. But, I'm not buying the general premise of a sustained, significant movement. Sadly.
    (and, I'm no Detroit basher...even though I, admittedly, am a white guy living in the suburbs.)

    1. This was a very encouraging read, Rosedale. Thank you for posting it. I grew up just south of Detroit, and am keenly aware of its struggles. 'And everyone who wants a garden has one'. I especially liked that sentence, as it is not a sentence one would usually utter when discussing Detroit.