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May 29, 2011 03:11 PM

Graduation Dinner

I am graduating university in 3 days, and my parents are coming. This is finally my opportunity to eat at all the restaurants I wanted to try but couldn't on my student budget. Unfortunately I only have one night free to have dinner with them, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Au Pied is off limits because someone dining has a heart condition. But I was thinking of something along the lines of Le Club Chasse et Peche. I have never been, but have heard great things. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I would also suggest that you inquire about Le Filet, Les 400 coups, Lawrence and DNA.

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    1. re: EaterBob

      DNA in my opinion would be an excellent choice. More upscale look and more quiet than say APDC or Joe Beef. Very interesting menu and wine options and we always have great service when we go. CCeP would be a good choice too but have't been in several years so hard for me to comment.

      Joe Beef
      2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

      1. re: stephlovestoeat

        Thanks for the suggestions. I think its going to be DNA. Do you guys know if they serve anything gluten free?

        1. re: wizardoflittlearmenia

          That's a very good question. Not sure. But if you call ahead, I'm sure they can do something for you. Let us know how you like it.