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May 29, 2011 01:36 PM

9 Burger - Boulder Creek ??

Driving down Hwy 9 yesterday we saw that the long-promised eatery has opened - "9 Burger". Don't see anything on CH, a few posts on Y _ _ _. Any Hounds have anything to say about this new place in the outskirts of Boulder Creek?

From what I read, they use grass fed beef delivered fresh every day for their burgers and have sweet potato fries - that in itself is enough for me to give them a try!

What: 9 Burger

Where: 15520 Highway 9, in Boulder Creek

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

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  1. Come on you folks in the Santa Cruz mountains - I know you're out there! One of you must have something to say about this place...

    1. No posts, so, I'll post my experience at 9 Burger. They have been open since some time in April.

      I stopped yesterday on my way home at around 12:30, prime-time for lunch. I walked in and sort of looked around, not being able to tell if I should sit or go to the cash register area to get a menu. The woman behind the counter was making milk shakes but she noticed me and told me the menu was on the wall around the corner from where I stood.

      So I go around the corner and see this floor to ceiling mural with the burger choices, 3/4 lb,, 1/2 lb., 1/3 lb., with various options. I chose the smallest size which was $6.00. For additions of cheese and avocado it was $1.75 more. Not bad. I asked what sides they offer as it's not on the mural (at least I couldn't find it). She says fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings. I asked if I could get 1/2 and 1/2 fries - I thought that was pretty clear. She says yes and starts ringing up my order which included regular tap water. She tells me my tab is $14.63. So I'm adding $6.00 + $1.75 + the fries (didn't know the price) and couldn't see how she came up with that $$$, so I asked her. She charged me for 2 full orders of fries... So I said just make it 1 order of the sweet potato fries. She recalculates and comes up with $10 something which sounded better. I pay, she gives me a plastic number thing so the kitchen knows who to serve...

      I sit at one of the tables and start reading my book while I wait for my order. One of the guys behind the counter comes out and literally yells someones number - there were only about 5-6 people in the place and they each had a number thing on their table, so why was it necessary to yell? This happened each time he brought an order out. Call me cranky, but I didn't appreciate this at all. It's not like there were 25 tables full of people! Why bother giving out the number things if they aren't going to look at them???

      My order came out about 15 min. later. The burger was enormous, cooked to just under medium and looked good but the fries were regular not sweet. He quickly replaced them. What I found really annoying is that instead of putting the avocado on the burger, they had just put 1/2 of an avocado in its skin in the basket with the burger. So with a mingy plastic spoon I had to scoop it out and put it on my burger... At least it was ripe...

      Pros: Good meat, huge portion, much more than the advertised 1/3 lb., nicely cooked. Place is roomy and clean if somewhat austere, 6 beers on tap (didn't really notice choices), many bottled soft drink choices but no prices posted for any of them or the beer.

      Cons: Service is definitely not their high point. Dingbat order taker, no printed menus with all options spelled out clearly, "mural menu" missing details, loud mouthed server, saw several orders go back with something wrong... Plastic utensils. I know, this is not fine dining, but would it really be that hard to provide regular cutlery?

      I'll probably stop there again and will report if anything changes.

      1. I have to begin by saying that I was REALLY looking forward to trying Burger Nine for the first time and assumed it to be a great experience!

        ... that being said that old saying 'When you assume...' relates.

        Now I love Burger joints! They represent to me a 'litmus test' of the health of a community ( can the community sustain a 'home grown' burger restaurant rather then the sole consuming 'fast food' joints ). And burger joints hold a warm and fuzzy place as a classic American cultural icon. So when my wife and I walked in we were initially pleased. Funky and fun decor... Cool enough.

        We ordered the $9 bacon burger, a half / half order of garlic fries and onion rings, and a couple beers. Ok... not rocket science...good ole Americana Burger combo!

        We took our beers outside to a nice patio area... and immediately turned around and walked back in because of the smell of sewage ( bad septic? ).

        After about 15 minutes our fries and onion rings arrived... Ok. It would have been nice if they came WITH the burgers but whatever. Fries were cold, limp, and covered in oil from the fryer with a smear of garlic... onion rings were overdone... The only saving grace was the portions were so tiny that we didn't have to suffer too long through eating the mess...if we had actually eaten the mess ( which we didn't ).

        Burgers arrive 5 minutes later... Ok. Big burger with a pickle spear, two small slices of tomato, and one limp lettuce leaf ( little ). My wife's tomatos were both the 'ends' of the tomato ( 90% tomato) so she went back up to the bar to ask for different tomatos. She said to the server 'these are not $9 burger tomatoes...can I have different ones?'. The server took two more and handed them to my wife....

        Now it gets interesting...

        I hear an accented male voice say 'Pinche Cabron'... the server gasps...a woman standing by the counter says 'oh my...' and my wife turns around and says to the cook 'Excuse me!.... I HOPE you were not talking to me!'.

        Did I mention we speak Spanish?

        Soooo.... I take a deep breath... and let my wife work it out ( respect ). I sit and look at my burger ( not hungry now )... She comes back and sits down and says "oh boy...that was fun I'm sure hungry now!" ( sarcasm ).

        She tries the burger... "Overdone" she says. A couple minutes later I finally give in and take a bite... Burnt crunchy charcoal texture... burnt taste. Ok. I'm done...

        I take the burger up to the counter and set it down. The server finishes the order she's taking and then turns to me. " Was it burnt?" she asks... I didn't have to say a thing... she knew. "Yes" I said..."but I think the main problem is that your cook called my wife a f***ing a**hole..." ( Here is when I turn to the cook ) "Yo hablo espaƱol..." ( " I speak Spanish" ). The cook turns his eyes down...the server blushes and gives me my money. "I am SO sorry about this" she says.

        I do have to say at this point that the woman who was working at the counter was GREAT! She was happy, engaging, and helpful. But servers doth not make a meal...

        So folks... if you want to drive WAY out of the way to pay WAY too much for food that is either WAY underdone, WAY overdone, or burnt.... and then get insulted and sworn at in Spanish...
        ...then Burger Nine is your kind place!

        Buen provecho!

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        1. re: DacronDan

          Dan, loved reading this though I'm sorry for the horrible experience. However, it surely was well-handled by both you and your wife.

          1. re: Gail

            Thanks for the positive feedback. I was sitting 'pondering' and hovering over the 'enter' button before I posted this because I really don't like bashing. I tried to relate the experience impartially ( ok... with some humor). And again the server at the counter was GREAT! She really was very fun and bubbly....and handled the 'customer support' part of my experience well.

          2. re: DacronDan

            Sorry to hear that they are seemingly going down hill even from what I experienced back in early June... You'd think a place like this, with no competition, could take advantage of the situation and be doing everything right and making a bundle!!! Too bad. Drove by last Tuesday and it looked closed. Don't know if they've changed their hours or what. It was mid-afternoon.

            1. re: RWCFoodie

              Too bad... I had hoped they would do well.

              1. re: DacronDan

                Yes, we had the same hopes... Maybe they were just taking a day off. Actually my husband said he thought it looked open but it just looked deserted to me; no cars in front, didn't look like the lights were on. We'll be down there again over the Labor Day Weekend so we'll check it out and I'll post.

          3. So here we are again, Labor Day weekend.

            Didn't feel like cooking last night & wanted to try a burger someplace other than the Boulder Creek Brewery. Husband suggested 9 Burger.

            Thursday evening around 6:30, one four top occupied.

            They now have paper menus as well as a laminated one at the order station. Prices have gone up, but that's no surprise. The least expensive burger is now $6.99 "1/3 lb, build your own". Cheese $.75, Green Onions $.75 (!), Bacon $1.75, Avocado $1.00, Onion $.50, Grilled Onions $.75, Spicy BBQ sauce or Mild BBQ sauce $.50, Pineapple (!) $1.00.

            Ordered a "Brookdale Burger 1/2 lb burger, Blue Cheese, Green Onions $8.99", and a "Lompico Burger, 1/3 lb burger, Mushroom, Swiss Cheese & Green Onions", $7.99", 1/2 basket of sweet potato fries $3.00 and 2 pints of Boont Amber Ale on tap. Tab was $30.50 + tip.

            Beer Glasses were warm so beer wasn't that cold, guess they don't have room in the huge refrig to chill the glasses... (so I'm expecting too much, after all, this isn't "fine dining.)

            There are 3-4 flat screen TVs on the walls, none tuned to the pre-season Niner game so I asked if they could get it for us. Order taker and runner get into a thing over where the remote is & who should take care of it... Order taker loses. He finds the game for us. (Still only a 4 top occupied besides us).

            Burgers arrive. "Brookdale" is on a pale French type roll. Lompico on a regular sesame seed bun. Paper thin slice of pickle, tomato and 3 rings of red onioin. Literally paper thin, I think you could have read the paper thru them...

            "Lompico" is a greasy mess. Bottom bun soaked w/grease. Mushrooms and melted cheese ooze out of burger into basket (not in a good way). Went to counter to look for a fork. (Plastic utensils). See spoons & knives only. Asked for a fork. Told "we're out of them".

            Burger meat almost tasteless. Sweet potato fries edible. Beers warmish. Husband didn't have anything to say about his "Brookdale".

            Guess it's back to the Brewery next time...

            1. Latest update: driving home this afternoon the place looked closed with paper signs tacked up outside. Got out to take a look - signs say "closed due to lack of employees".....

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              1. re: RWCFoodie

                Just heard they've chgd owners & the name is now Burger 9. Neighbor just told us they have broadened the menu & are using organics. New chef is a recent culinary school grad. Open for brunch on weekends. We will stop by to check it out & will report back....

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Thanks for the link Melanie. Wanted to try their breakfast today but they only serve till noon on Saturday & Sunday and it's 11:50 already so we won't make it this time... Note to self: set alarm clock so we don't sleep in!

                    If you scroll down their Facebook page you'll find the menu posted. Disappointed that I will have to wait to try their Chicken & Waffles till the next time we'll be here on a weekend...