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May 29, 2011 12:06 PM

skirt steak

Does anyone know where to buy skirt steak in Vancouver?

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  1. Armando's on Granville Island carries it but you will not see it in the display case. They have it for their restaurent clientele. You have to ask for it and they will cut it down to the amount you need. If you need it for a planned dinner call ahead as they have sometimes been out .

    1. I buy skirt steak at whole foods regularly. its probably not the best price in town ($9.99/lb) but its close to my work.

      I would also check windsor meats on Main. I'm sure they can help you out as well.

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        Yeah. I saw it at Whole Foods but I don't like the way they butcher it. They trim off all of the delicious fat and cut it into strips. I want a whole skirt with some of the fat left on.

        1. re: tdeane

          Cioffi's has skirt steak, and would sell it whole by the piece, retail or whole sale. They also carry what the French refer to as bavette which is a similar cut, slightly thicker and juicier.

      2. I've bought nice skirt steaks from Herringer's in Steveston from the display case (they don't always have it though). Windsor can also get it but you have to order it.

        1. The Butcher at 10th and Sasamat has it. $7.99/lb.

          1. Killarney Market, called 'falda' for Latin American market.