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May 29, 2011 11:22 AM

KC: Pancakes

Looking for the best pancakes in the Kansas City area.

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  1. Woodswether's cafe in the west bottoms has great, giant pancakes.

    Woodswether Cafe
    1414 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64101

    1. I had a couple pretty good ricotta blueberry pancakes at Room 39 this morning. The syrup was the corn syrup stuff, and they came with scrambled eggs and bacon. The pancakes had good flavor but were a little scant on berries, and were quite filling and thick. I wasn't able to finish two 5-6 inch pancakes. Not my favorite style of pancake, but hey, I didn't have to cook. To be perfectly honest, I've not found pancakes in KC as good as I can make at home. I like them with buttermilk, fluffy and light in texture, and I just think that's really hard to pull off with batter that's mixed up in the morning and used all day, getting stirred up each time.

      Room 39
      1719 West 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

      1. The best pancakes I've had in KC weren't in KC proper, but in Overland Park, at The Urban Table. The pancakes themselves were excellent, but the best part for me was the syrup, which was real maple and infused with orange marmalade for a delicious combination. I've gotten to the point where I almost never order pancakes out because all anyone ever has is the fake corn syrup "maple syrup," which is disgusting, pointless and ruins a great pancake. This place doesn't make that mistake. Their waffles are excellent also, and come with a choice of different infused maple syrups, my favorite of which is bacon--praline.