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May 29, 2011 10:17 AM

rib cookoffs (Cleveland)

Are either one of this weekend's rib cookoffs worth it? I can't find any information about any of the participants.

I don't like to go from place to place sampling a couple ribs at a time. I'd like to go to one good spot and get a full meal, so I don't need a lot of variety. I'd go to either event if even one of their participants had a well deserved national reputation.

Has anyone ever heard of any of these places from any source other than Cleveland rib cookoff promotions?

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  1. Save you money and time -these things are such a joke. There's a reason you don't know who any of these people are.

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      One of the contestants has won The Best in the West Nugget BBQ contest. He was also on Bobby Flay's Throwdown show. Those seem like pretty reasonable bona fides. I'm going to take a chance.

      Is The Best in The West a second rate contest? A little googling suggests that it's the real thing.

    2. Sorry for the late response but generally, I don't bother with these as like you said, to get a full meal you have to go to several different places, and the markup is incredibly high. 2 bones for like $9 or something. You're out $50 for one person's meal before you know it, and most of it wasn't that great anyway.