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Fruit + ________?


If you're a fruit lover, I hope you can help me with more ways to experiment with fruit. I just tried strawberries + balsamic vinegar... and watermelon + basil...

What other combinations of fruit + one ingredient do you enjoy?

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  1. Icy cold cantaloupe and a bit of freshly ground black pepper. Not too much. Great on a hot day.

    1. Almost any cured pork product, bacon, pancetta, prosciutto, guanciale, country ham with peaches, nectarines, melons, apple and the list goes on.

      1. I love balsamic with plums or cherries, prosciutto with figs, pears, apples or melon, blue cheese with figs, apples, pears or dates, any melon or citrus with mint, any melon with ginger, any melon with salt, pineapple or mango with chili powder and/or salt - plus too many more to count!

        1. watermelon with tomatoes and feta.

          1. It's fruit +2, but strawberries dipped in sour cream and then dark brown sugar. Delicious.

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            1. Anyone have any ideas for raspberries or blueberries? I have more than I can eat plain.

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                Do you make freezer jam? It lasts 3 months; good, easy and delicious if you're okay using pectin.

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                  Good idea, but neither of us really eat jam or jelly... and I don't have quite enough for that.

                  I can always make a dessert or something, but I was trying to come up with some uses that are not baked goods/desserts. Maybe I'll make a raspberry vinaigrette; make a salad with it and add some blueberries.

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                    Fruit-infused vodka, or fruit syrups for 'ades and mixed drinks.

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                      make a gastrique - it will complement poultry, pork and game meats beautifully...and if you're grilling, the fruit is really lovely paired with that hint of smoke.

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                        Blintzes aren't *exactly* dessert, crepes filled with a cottage cheese mixture, topped with berries that don't have to be sweetened unto jelly.

                  2. Tomato and basil
                    Avocado and cilantro
                    Watermelon and mint
                    Cucumber and cumin
                    Apples and cinnamon
                    Bananas and 5-spice (does that count, since it's packaged together?)

                    1. Definitely mango with chili and lime.

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                      1. Dates, sliced bananas, cinnamon, and honey, I like to add toasted walnuts too.

                        1. Well don't forget fruit + cheese -- not just feta, the creamy kinds too.

                          And there's always fruit + fritter batter!

                          1. Grill and freezer. Grilled peaches and bananas are amazing. Love frozen grapes.

                            1. Peaches + five spice powder

                              1. sliced oranges macerated in grand Marnier (w/ chocolate shavings on top, if I can add 1 more ingredient).

                                  1. You would not believe how good pomegranate seeds go with cottage cheese. Even Alton Brown declares it the ultimate pomegranate combination.

                                    1. Persimmons and gorgonzola

                                      1. Grilled pineapple with black pepper is fantastic.

                                        1. Watermelon and pork belly.

                                          1. Make base of sponge cakes, layer the berries, any custard sauce or not and top up with whipped cream. That's your trifle. Blend with yogurt, also add some whole or chopped and freeze for a couple hours to set. Scoop and serve. Did you try Raspberry sherbet?

                                            1. Watermelon with Tapatio, the Mexican hot sauce.

                                              1. Made the following fruit salad today:


                                                granny smith apple, with skin left on for contrast

                                                clementine, with membrane and pith removed

                                                red seedless grapes


                                                pitted fresh cherries


                                                chiffonade of mint

                                                lime juice & white sugar to taste