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May 29, 2011 09:03 AM

Medioevo or Ristorante Metastasio in Assisi?

Any recent visitors to either of these restaurants in Assisi. Looking for a nice place to chill for lunch after seeing the sights and sites. Any other reccomendations accepted as well!

Via Castello, 21, Monte Sant'Angelo, Puglia 71037, IT

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  1. Go for the Metastasio!!!

    I love Assisi, my Uncle and Aunt lives there (and I was a step from growing there too when my father thught about following his brother up there when I was 1 year old, fortunately he doesn't I cannot live far from the sea)... I had some dinner there and I reconmend it for sure, ask for a table on the outside so u can enjoy a wonderful vista , iinside its a bit too dark for me... also if u plan visiting the city u will come to evening with ur muscles and feet begging for rest and therefore a dinner outside will relieve ur mood if not ur bodypain... the food is superb altough I only eaten vegan food there (I am intolerant to bovine meat so i developed a dislike for meat trough years), my father liked a super thick steak, it was coooked pretty raw but he asked it purposedly, if I remember correctly the innkeeper's name was Andrea, it's pretty conversational and a very nice person.

    If u r looking also for a pizza I've found there a pizzeria with the most delicious porcini pizza I've eaten, its name is Penny Lane and is located in Santamaria degli Angely (a fraction of assisi). Have a Penny Lane pizza (named after the local wich is in turn named after the Beatles' song).


    While u r there u ought go sightseeing other places too like Norcia and Cascia, there u can have shopping to bring truffles and porcini back home.

    void buying truffle oil, 9 out 10 times it's fake (a chemical replacement trashy) instead buy some fresh dug truffle and make the oil urself u only need to brush it carefully then slice it, put in a beforehand boiled jar (to sterilize) and cover with olive oil... store in a dry and dark place and after 2-3 weeks u have made a TRUE truffle oil, now u ought to pour it on another bottle (u shouldn't leave the truffle in it for more than 4 weeks anyhow.

    U can still make use of the truffles' slices with some tagliatelle (kind of pasta).

    nother good thing u can buy is a jarpot of porcini sauce, it tastes very good (especially with tagliatelle) but i don't know the recipe so...