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May 29, 2011 08:43 AM

Info on Spanish Type of Broccoli: Broquil LLucat

I've been told this is a very special type of heritage broccoli, grown in Spain. I am unable to find any information online explaining what makes it special (flavour? shape?Specific dishes?) in English, and I don't speak Spanish. Any assistance appreciated!

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  1. Since no one has replied, i'll just throw in my two cents.

    First of all, brĂ³quil llucat is definitely a Catalan term not a Spanish one. BrĂ³quil is the Catalan word for cauliflower. I have no idea what llucat means.

    The only info I could glean off the internets is that it could be some sort of sprouting broccoli. I also found a document that refers to coliflor llucat: http://www.agroecologia.net/recursos/...

    That's all I've got.

    Do you have any links you could share?

    1. Weird, I just saw seeds for this and other heirloom broccoli, but it's far to dry to grow where I live. This kind of broccoli tends to be more flavorful and a lot less chunky and densely packed (especially the stem) than the widely available variety. Lleida is known for having dozens of traditional/indigenous varieties of vegetables and fruits and this is one of them.

      Some linguistic nerdiness: Lluc means sprout. It comes from the Latin root broccus> brocco in Italian > broccoli (little sprouts/shoots)

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        "Lluc" means "sprout", but its etymology is uncertain. There's no way it can derive regularly from Latin "broccus", which actually exists as "broc" in Catalan.