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May 29, 2011 07:49 AM

North Alabama: source for New Orleans essentials

Do any of the grocery stores in Florence, Decatur, or Huntsville have Community Coffees (spec. dark with Chicory), Camellia Red Beans, and a good andouille sausage? A wide selection of Zatarain's sides might also be nice to find. (Blush, I know they can be made from scratch, but some of them are SO convenient that I just had to ask.)

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  1. We get our andouille at the Kroger on Drake in Huntsville. Community Coffee can be found at most grocery stores. Zatarain's is hit or miss in the stores, depending on where it is located and the demand. Haven't found the camellia red beans here in town, but wouldn't mind looking harder, as it would be nice to make some red beans and rice without having to remember to soak the beans :)

    Also, the wally world on north parkway in Huntsville carries two different kinds of boudain in the sausage section. Just sayin' :)

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      Is that the Wally World on Sparkman (or whatever road that is) at N. Pkwy or the one near Airport??


      1. re: Davwud

        Sorry for the delay in answering...

        The WallyWorld on Sparkman, just off the parkway.

        We also get andouille at the Kroger on Drake most of the time.