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May 28, 2011 09:37 PM

Bonefish Grill in Pinebrook... Food B-, Service A+ [moved from New Jersey]

Just visited the Bonefish Grill in Pinebrook with the family. I'm amazed at the crowd this place gets. At 5:30PM there was already a 30 min wait for those without reservations. Fortunately we sat down right away since we had them. I'm a soft-shell crab nut and their website indicated that they were on special; stuffed with a crab cake and sautéed in lemon butter with capers. We started with a huge bowl of mussels in an herb wine sauce, which we all enjoyed. The trouble came when our salads and main course arrived at the same time, and only minutes after the mussels were set down. The waitress started to crowd all this onto the table at the same time. Now as restaurant infractions go, this isn't the worst thing that could happen, but we still wanted to enjoy the meal without feeling rushed, so we asked for them to remove the main course so we could finish the appetizer and enjoy our salads. We also expressed concern that the food was going to sit under a heat lamp. The waitress informed the manager, without us asking her to do so, and he immediately came to the table. He apologized profusely (more than was necessary), and explained that they had a number of new people that were still learning. He seemed genuinely concerned that we enjoy our meal and he assured us that our entrees would be remade and given priority. He then went on to tell us that the entrees would be removed from the bill. Now it’s important to bear in mind that we hadn’t asked to see the manager, we weren’t upset at all and their only mistake was the timing of the food. This is what made his actions so impressive to us. In the end, the food came out and it was certainly good, but it was the service which guaranteed we would be coming back.

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  1. Yes, I agree....Bonefish management goes to the extreme to correct incorrect conditions, much to their credit..........their mixed drinks are expensive tho'

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. This post should not have been "relocated" to the Chains board. My comments have absolutely nothing to do with the chain. It is a comment about the service at this one location by a particular person. Did you even read the post before moving it, or just the title? How is moving the post into this board useful to people in the Pinebrook area when it's posted here?

        1. In my experience, the OSI chain restaurants generally put a pretty big emphasis on customer service in order to distinguish themselves from the Dardens. (and consequently draw customers in at a slightly higher price point than Olive Garden/Red Lobster)

          1. Bonefish Grill Georgia, the biggest portions I have ever seen. At least a lb of rice in the rice bowl entree. I had to bring 3/4 of it back to the hotel.