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May 28, 2011 09:22 PM

Where can I get fresh peas?

Preferably local, but I'll take whatever is on offer. Preferably in the shell. Want to make Jamie's fresh pea/olive oil/mint/pecorino mash on Italian bread, grilled and rubbed with garlic. So good!

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  1. They got 'em at SLM. I'm sure a lot of other markets have them as well. 'tis the season, after all :)

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      Thanks - hoping My Market at the East Lynn Park will have some next Thursday! Can't wait for the deluge.

    2. For future reference costco sells packages of fresh shelled English peas.

      1. if ur willing to u can probably go up north to a farm and pick them by hand

        1. Are the true locals available yet? The ones we planted in our backyards definitely suffer from soggy soil.
          We pick at Whttamores farm every year. Their 'pick your own' starts mid June.

          I often have doubt on the sources of produce of the market vendors. At the weekly farm markets at the parking lot of Fairview & Hillcrest Malls the vendors purchased the produce at food terminal. The fruits even have stickers (same as supermarkets). Perhaps one or two vendors truly get their produce from farms as their items are not uniform in size and ripeness.


          1. OP, you'll have to take peas from Central America until local peas are ready at the end of June. The imported ones are semi-dry from age and shipping, and lose nutrients in their two week journey.