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May 28, 2011 08:20 PM

I want to buy beef tenderloin

I want to buy beef tenderloin, meaning the whole piece of beef tenderloin before they cut it up at the supermarket, so I can age it. Thing is I don't go to Costco. Who knows a place where the average guy can buy a large piece of tenderloin in its whole form? Thank You.

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  1. Any market with a butcher can sell you a whole tenderloin; in fact, sometimes you can find Cryovac packaged whole tenderloins on the shelves.

    1. These guys sell a whole loin that is from Canada and graded choice. It is very tasty and ad around $5 and sometimes on sale for $4lb.

      1. Cali-Farms is grass fed meat vender with Beef Goat and Lamb who shows up to westside markets like Culver City, Mar Vista and Playa Vista. You can order anything you want from Abraham and his partner. His prices are reasonable.

        Also at Mar Vista there is a new vendor, Dey Day Farms from Lompoc who purports to have the Best Beef Ever. They are pricey we spent $24 on a 4# chicken from them last week, but it was excellent

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          +1 on Mattapoisett's recs. We've enjoyed excellent meats from both. If you go in with the frame of mind that they'll be priced like Costco et al, you'll be disappointed, and I'm almost positive both would need some lead time to fulfill the order.

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            Be sure you like grass-fed beef before splurging. Some people don't like the taste of grass-fed beef.

          2. Vicente Market in Brentwood

            Vicente Foods
            12027 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

            1. Marconda’s Meats (in Fairfax Farmers Market), Lindy & Gundy. I'm sure you could get at Whole Foods also.