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May 28, 2011 05:41 PM

great gardening article I read and now can't find...........Gourmet, I think??

Perhaps (I am oh so hoping!) one of you also read this article and can help me track it down.
It was about how the author had honed his/her vegetable garden so as to have it produce only the things that were otherwise unattainable or too expensive in the stores/farmers markets and at the same time not overwhelm the family with more produce or more of a particular type of produce ready at the same time.

So, I read that article and thought to myself, "Yes! I want to do that too." And then set the article aside and now for the last several years I've been trying to find it. To no avail.

If I had to say, my best guess is that it was in Gourmet, in the last year before it folded. And more than likely in the spring. But it could also have been in BonAppetit. And not necessarily in the spring. It was a somewhat lengthy article, so wouldn't have been in Sunset or Fine Cooking, which I also read.

Any hints, thoughts, etc would be SO appreciated.

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