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May 28, 2011 04:36 PM

Please recommond a fridge > 28 cu ft.

Hi there :)

I'm looking for some suggestions on purchasing a new refrigerator. From what I understand the top freezer models have more usable cu ft but they don't come in big sizes these days. So I'm considering a french door model with the freezer below. Reliability is of course important as is the noise emitted from the unit. I'm disenchanted with LG so anything else I will consider. The units that come with the ice dispensers have less usable space so the dispenser feature isn't important, but if it does have one , having a water filter as part of the unit is.

At least a 28 cu ft, 29 or more would be awesome. My budget is between $1500-$2500.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I bought a 29 cu. ft. Samsung French door refrigerator in November and I love it. Mine is the three door model purchased at a great savings because they were promoting the newer model with four doors at the time. Mine has two icemakers, but the one in the bottom freezer can be turned off and the bin removed if you don't need it. The interior configuration is perfect for me. It's very flexible allowing for very tall items if necessary. The motor is fairly quiet, but dropping ice does make a noise for a second or two.

    For more details and pros and cons of all refrigerators, check the online reviews at Lowe's, Sears, and Home Depot.

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      Thanks wv! I was actually eyeing the 29cu ft Samsung (french door, no ice maker in the door) at Best Buy . I was checking Consumer Reports and they have not reviewed many of the more larger fridges (like the 31cu ft Kenmore or LG models). It's neat because they list the actual usable cu ft and have noise ratings.

      May I ask what the model# is of the unit you have? there are so many out there.
      This one for example seems to be a love it or hate it model

      Thanks again

      1. re: ladybug2011

        Mine is the RFG 298. It has ice and water through the door and the separate icemaker in the freezer. I'm guessing the latter was added because people complained about the small capacity of the icemaker on top. The 298 may have addressed many of the complaints about the 297 model.

        I forgot to mention the pantry tray which is a shallow drawer filling the full width below the two crispers. It's perfect for yogurt, bacon, cheese, spices, deli meats etc. It can also be cleared out to store platters of food until serving. A very versatile refrige.