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May 28, 2011 04:24 PM

Oysters in Dublin?

Hi - heading to dublin this coming weekend and my eating partner is looking for oysters..any suggestions? We really prefer to stay in Dublin central, but will take a short train ride if necessary (we are only there for a few days)..also prefer a non-stodgy atmosphere..more casual if possible!


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  1. hey red, if you can get there, go up to a town called carlingford, not sure if there is a train but there is definitely a bus, but not on sundays any rate it is on a fjord and they cultivate oysters there...probably the best i have ever was a place called P J OHare's, had them raw and grilled, both great, it is also a pretty cool toen, medieval walls, and a castle overlooking the fjord, very picturesque, also a cool bar called Taffe's Castle, it was built using some medieval ruins and is very cool...good luck on your trip!

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      Carlingford has great oysters but it's a long way out of town - think an hour or two on Irish roads.

      Probably way way out of date but several Dublin bars used to serve oysters and Guinness - try Davy Byrnes or Castle Inn. Can somebody local please update. Shelbourne bar maybe?

    2. Hi RedHead, hope I'm not too late with this. The suburb of Howth, which can be reached via the light commuter rail system (known as the Dart) in less than half an hour from the city centre has many seafood places along the pier. Ivans, for example, has an oyster bar in it's small food hall. We ate well in their restaurant last week (including a lot of oysters).

      In the city centre, in addition to those places previously mentioned, the Cliff Townhouse on Stephen's Green (an off-shoot of the Michelin-starred Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Waterford) has an oyster bar

      Enjoy yourself