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May 28, 2011 01:27 PM

New find... Mangaloreian / Konkan restaurant in Mississauga

Decor is comfortable but not exciting.
Food is unique and extremely tasty! Cost is reasonable.
A wonderful change from the regular chain restaurants that dominate Mississauga and a delightful change from the regular northern indian food redily available in the GTA.

Konkan Delight on 3181 Wolfedale Rd

Minus one star for decor.

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  1. Interesting first post. It's not a new restaurant at all. What did you order that made the restaurant such a "find"?

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    1. re: Apprentice

      It wasn't there before... prevoiusly it was a caraoke (sp?) bar. My wife and I just ate lunch there... we have been following chow hounds for years but never posted. I had the buffet which consisted of rice, black channa, beef chili fry, coconut squash, and red chicken curry... My wife played safe and ordered butter chicken off of the menu which she enjoyed - then sampled off of my plate. The beef chili fry was particularly good as was the squash. The channa (sp?) was a bit dried out but tasty. The red chicken was spicy but not different from other places I have eaten. I was impressed - particularly since we have to go to Toronto usually to find interesting restaurants.

      1. re: alexdimarco

        Quite right, they did move locations.

        I would suggest to order items that represent the Manglorian/Goan style of cuisine; beef chili fry was a good choice, but butter chicken is a north indian dish and only on the menu for westerners.

        Next time try the Sorpotel, Vindaloo, Sausages, Pathrade, Shrimp or Fish curry, fried fish or sannas Not in one sitting, but these are the dishes that Konkan would specialize in. Whether they taste good is another story.

        1. re: Apprentice

          I am aware that butter chicken is not the height of Goan cuisine 8-)

          I also looked into this a bit farther... it seems they are a catering company which has just opened up a sitdown restaurant. Their catering business storefront is at Bloor and Cawthra and the gentleman I talked to mentioned that they have not had a restaurant before this.

          Do you have some particular experience which you wish to share in regards to this restaurant or my experience of it?

          1. re: alexdimarco

            Has anyone tried this place recently? I need a place for this friday, two of us are vegetarian. Would usually head to Sarivana Bhavan, but would like a little more atmosphere for friday, does this fit the bill?