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May 28, 2011 12:37 PM

Bagitos - Burritos, Tacos, and Bagels in Montpelier, VT

We just had lunch at Bagitos (, a new place in Montpelier that has bagels, breakfast, burritos, and tacos (among other things, they promise to offer whitefish salad, I will be going back for sure). They're located on Main Street right near the Savoy Theater, in the space that used to house Rhapsody.

They opened yesterday, and so they're still working out the kinks. We ordered a half dozen bagels, and haven't tried them yet. We also each ordered a burrito with meat.

I originally asked for pulled pork, and my husband wanted to try the carne asada, but they were out of both. The only meat they had left was chicken, plus the meat substitute of tempeh. We went for the chicken. I was pleased to note it wasn't dry or rubbery. It was tender, juicy, and held up well to the burrito.

Their salsas were fresh and yummy, though not very spicy at all. They use white cheddar (I'm assuming Cabot, I didn't ask, they were SO busy and flustered). I misunderstood the guy when he asked what beans I wanted and somehow ended up with red kidney beans instead of pintos or black beans. I was surprised to find it tasted OK.

Six bagels and two meat burritos cost us $19. Not too bad, really. I'm looking forward to going back, and it'll be a great place to get dinner after we attend the Name That Movie game every Friday night at the Savoy. :) Montpelier has needed something like this, hope they make a go of it.

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  1. We went back and picked up dinner last night. This time they had both pulled pork and carne asada. The pulled pork had been cooked in some slightly sweet sauce (not usually my favorite but it was fine in this application) and was tender, falling apart, and flavorful. I got black beans this time and they were lovely, as well. My husband got the carne asada and said the meat was chunks of steak that were a little too tough for him to bite apart while eating his burrito. The fresh salsa they put on it was really yummy. :)

    So far so good! :) Oh and service is very nice. :) Welcoming and warm.

    1. Aaaand went there this morning for a breakfast bagel while I was waiting for Bob's Sunoco to get a new tire to replace the flat we got last night. The bagel was fluffier than I like, but the outside was properly chewy. The scrambled eggs they put in could have benefitted from some salt and pepper. It seems likely they're using local bacon. It was crisply cooked and thick sliced. Nice cheddar cheese. They have Vermont Coffee Company coffee. No hot chocolate, but the decaf was nice. :)

      Service there is very good and I'm really pleased with this place. Goooooo!