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May 28, 2011 12:12 PM

Tasty Sandiwich @ That's Amore Trailer on East Riverside

Just had a very nice lunch at this non-descript little tailer in the new development on East Riverside just off I 35.

Free covered parking in the garage and she has some nice shaded picnic tables.

We ordered a works and a roast beef panini. Both were served on baguette rolls and were quite large and we couldn't finish what we had. Plenty of meat in the loaded (so much so I took off the Mortadella) and the olive tampanade was an excellent compliment to the spicy, cheesy goodness. The roast beef was the stand-out with a mild gorgonzola creamy spread and plenty of mixed greens and tomatoes.

Owner (really neat lady) even came by to make sure we were enjoyong our lunch. She seems a bit hungry, but with the condos in the same complex, I wouldn't think she's going to have any trouble staying afloat if she keeps that quality up.

Any other yummy trailers open for lunch on the weekends?

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