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May 28, 2011 11:56 AM

Razor Clams in San Diego

Looking for Razor Clams either to buy fresh or to have in a restaurant. Had them in Boston last year and they were amazing. Thanks!

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  1. Ba Ren has a couple of razor clam dishes -- but I don't know if they are always available or well prpared.

    Maybe you should take a trip to the Oregon or Washington (or Alaskan) coast where pan-fried razor clams are an old time menu favorite. Last ones I had were in Long Beach WA over 10 years ago. Up there, you can even get them with eggs for breakfast.

    1. Are you talking about the Pacific Razor Clam (Siliqua patula) or are you talking about the European Razor Clam (family Solenidae)? I ask because they're two totally different things. The Pacific Razor Clam can be found from Alaska to California and are a good tasting shell fish with a fair bit of meat on them but the European Razor Claim is in a class by itself. They're easily my all time favorite shell fish even beating out abalone but they're very expensive if you can even get your hands on them here in North America. I can remember being about 8 years old and walking on a beach in Scotland with my aunt catching European Razor Clams using nothing but a box of salt (you'd pour the salt down their holes and wait for the clam to try to push the salt out at which time you grab their foot). The European razor clam has an excellent flavor and a nice meaty texture so if anyone knows where to find some fresh I'd love to hear it.

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        Wow -- amazing info. i never knew. Growing up in the Pac NW, I was exposed to the Pacific Razor clam early on and never knew there was another kind.

      2. I've been looking for the atlantic variety myself. I used to be able to get them right out of Ling Island Sound as a kid in CT. Try Santa Monica Seafoods. I'm working with them to try to get them here at Jaynes.

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          Point of clarification: is the Atlantic variety the same as the European variety? Thank you all for the helpful information. I'm going to check out Ba Ren and Santa Monica Seafood.