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May 28, 2011 11:15 AM


I will be in Nashville in Sept and need a top of the line restaurant to celebrate my BW's 60th. it really has to be special romantic and incredible food. we have traveled throughout the world and I need a place that she will remember and tell everybody about. Is there anyplace in Nashville the compares to Nola, Commanders Palace, Daniels in NY etc We can have drinks in one place and move on.I really want to make this a special evening and am looking for suggestions. Price is not the issue but quality and ambiance are

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  1. Nashville has a growing restaurant scene with many many fine chefs who have trained in some of the best restaurants in the world, some of which are James Beard nominees, etc. Our restaurants don't have the fame and hype that the ones you mention do. Also, the dining scene in Nashville, even fine dining, is a little less stuffy ... in the best places you will see people having the meal of their lives, dressed up to the nines, but you will also see people who are more casually dressed. It's just the culture here. So don't let that put you off.

    My top choice for you would be Capitol Grill. Actual 5-star restaurant in a historic hotel. Gorgeous space, real love of food. Just take a look at the sample menu online to see if it suits your taste -- it is definitely a southern twist on haute cuisine. They take real care with the food and even have their own farm to grow many of the ingredients.

    Another option -- which is new and therefore I have not personally tried -- would be Kayne Prime Steakhouse. The restauranteurs have several other restaurants in town that are favorites, and the early word about Kayne is good.

    The restaurant that many consider the best in the city is City House. Really, truly, extraordinary food. The space, however, is very modern -- concrete and the like. There are two levels, and the bottom level with the bar is quite loud. Upstairs is more sedate.

    Margot is another favorite for special dinners. Again, ask for upstairs rather than down for a more romantic atmosphere. Watermark is also great.

    All of these places do great drinks, often with house-made mixers, infusions, and the like.

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      Sounds wonderful the Capital Grille is in the Hermitage Hotel which is world renown. Thanks for sending me in the right direction any places to go after dinner would be helpful as well. i intend to be thanking her for 30 years of marriage and three wonderful daughtere and assure her she's not that old

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        If you're looking for a little entertainment most everything downtown is honkytonkish. F. Scotts in Green Hills is one of the better Nashville restaurants and has a very nice lounge that features some of the city's best jazz musicians. Another option might be the late show at the Blue Bird Cafe, a world famous listening room that hosts Nashville's (and by extension the country's) best song writers. You'll want to get tickets well in advance for that.

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          I would point the car towards blackberryfarms!

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            Gotta to go to Loveless for breakfast