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has anybody been to sichuan - folk?

have a craving for sichuan food- the hotter the better been out of touch for a while so not sure where to go.

Gourmet San- not hot enough
Chili Cool- 3rd time we went the food was terrible
no.10 - didn't find it hot enough
Ba Shan

we've been to the above in the last few years and to be honest each one is good but when we return the food isn't as good as the first time apart from Angeles but not been since 2009. Snazz for about a year was my favourite back in 2008 but it went down hill
. The last place we went to was Ba Shan which i loved but i've read its not sichuan but hunan

I like the look of Empress of Sichuan but it seems really expensive and don't want to spend too much but must have heat :)

also any other good but reasonable hunan restaurant apart from Ba Shan

sorry being a real fuss pot

any ideas / recommendations appreciated


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  1. i like Emperess...i hate Chili Cool...but for really great stuff, go to that place in east Greenwich...forget the name...odd location, next to the huge cinema and lots of freeways...amazing food...

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      i meant N. Greenwich...this place:


      Maybe best Sichuan food i've had outside of Sichuan.

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        thanks Simon will defo give this a go