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May 28, 2011 10:44 AM

Breakfast in Brown Bag -- Ideas?

Our volunteer organization is having a community service day -- a couple of hundred people working on half a dozen projects. We converge on a park at 8 AM and about a half hour later, we are off to the projects. My team is doing a breakfast in the form of a brown paper bag for each person.

Question is: What's in the bag?

We could do something easy -- serve coffee and fill the bags with a bagel or a pastry but would like to do something a little more imaginative. But it also can't involve a lot of production and we won't have a kitchen.


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  1. How about sausage or ham and cheese scones or biscuits? You could do em the night before, wrap em in foil, and warm em in the oven just before you go. Of course, you will need more than one oven to do a couple hundred.

    1. Do-aheads: homemade granola bars, cheese rolls, hot cross buns with lots of fruit in them, etc. Portion, wrap, and put in the bags.

      Throw-ins: single-serve spreads (butter, cream cheese, peanut butter), trail mix, fresh fruit. Have available for people to grab for themselves or put in the bags.

      If it were me, I'd do egg casserole squares (easy to do ahead, cool, cut and wrap), a homemade granola bar, a piece of fruit, and coffee/tea. Filling, nutritious, easy to put together after you've made the stuff ahead. But I'd be happy as a worker with something simpler! :)

      Good luck!

      1. What about a complex grain bagel and peanut butter, a regular bagel with cream cheese and prosciuitto or some kind of ham and maybe an onion bagel with pimento cheese spread? None would have to be heated. I would put a banana with each.

        1. Well, no onsite kitchen isn't a problem if you have access to one the night before the event. Breakfast burritos (eggless) are tasty and delicious and can be made really fast using the assembly line method: tortilla (wheat or not), refried beans spread on thinly, spoonful of salsa, shredded cheese. If these are well-wrapped you could also use cubed avocado inside. This with coffee and maybe a carton or sealed cup of juice would be fine. You could also use the large canned biscuits, rolled out, as a turnover wrapper for a variety of breakfasty-type fillings: I've made blintz filling and used it and a spoonful of jam to fill those, egg-glazed and baked them. Voila. Walking blintzes.

          1. How about hard boiled eggs? Maybe with a muffin, an apple, and some nutty trail mix. No plastic forks needed.