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May 28, 2011 09:37 AM

London Tower Hill Area Suggestions

My husband and I will be in London for a few days in mid-August and staying in the Tower Bridge area. We're looking for some recommendations for places to try for dinner. We both like varied cuisines, including Asian, Indian, Greek etc. Don't want to have to get a bank loan either! Thanks for suggestions

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  1. Great pub nearby called The Draft House -- its not quite a pub and has an amazing beer selection and pretty good food as well. Otherwise, there is a cheesy german beerhaus worth trying if you like to drink brewzzzz

    1. Maltings Cafe on Tower Bridge Road. They are only open for lunch and only do a couple of chalkboard specials each day, but I've never been disappointed. Usually they have one meat dish and one fish for around £8-9. It's really serious food and an outstanding value. BYOB.

      Check these posts for lots more suggestions:

      The area immediately around Tower (and Shad Thames on the South Bank) is pretty touristy, with the resulting sea of mediocre restaurants. You'll probably want to venture south further down Bermondsey Street or west toward London Bridge and Waterloo. Or head north from Tower and up Bishopsgate toward Shoreditch. Lots more affordable ethnic eats in those neighbourhoods.

      1. try Bodeans in Trinity square
        the 'Jacobs ladder' beef ribs are amazing
        Sweetings in queen victoria st does proper old scool english grub but very well particularly the fish dishes, the Turbot is my fave
        best pub in the area is the Dog & Truck on backchurch lane (jack the ripper area) very cheap meals and a great boozer
        good luck

        1. Suggest you take a walk down river through Wapping and go to Wapping Food at the Wapping Project: great food, a great space and a nice walk there and back from Tower Hill.

          You're also close to some of the great ethnic places like the Vietnameses on Kingsland Road and sub-continental places like Needoo, Lahore and Tayyab.