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May 28, 2011 08:44 AM

Transporting Italian ices

I'm visiting a friend and driving from Brooklyn to Connecticut, about an hour and 45 min drive and I want to bring ices (Italian ices, the milk ones, not water) but am not sure about how to make sure they don't melt. I'll be purchasing two or three quarts and they're sold in Styrofoam containers. I know that when I get there I can put the ices right into the freezer, but I don't want it to be soup by that time. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Will the store where you buy the ices package them in dry ice? Or, tell you where you can have that done? Just tell them your story...

    1. Italian Ice is meant to be softened before eating, so some melting will not affect the quality of the product. If you plan on purchasing the day of your travels, jest store in a cooler with ice. I don't think dry is necessary.......If it is not inconvenient, I would suggest you purchase beforehand and freeze overnight so the ice becomes more solid....then transport in an iced cooler and you should have virtually no melting whatsoever.(I'm assuming you are purchasing the ices scoped from another tub and not prepacked. If prepacked frozen, then freezing overnight is unnecessary.

      Italian Ices are solid @ 0*, but begin to soften when stored above 5*. This allows the product to be scraped or spooned into another container. When you see the rolling Italian Ice carts on a city street or in the ballpark, the carts are insulated, but not refrigerated. The tubs of ices keep each other cold so refrigeration is not necessary. They can last in the carts all day. Your purchased Italian Ice will be fine if stored ice for the less than two hour drive to your destination.

      btw....I used to have an ice cream store and sold Italian Ices for special events and one day fairs. I speak from experience.