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May 28, 2011 05:15 AM

KC: how much do you spend on food/ month?

Hi, my husband and I are relocating to KC from another part of the world and are thinking about our future budget. We eat mainly vegetarian, like to go to interesting, cheap restaurants frequently, and like to buy as much produce as possible at farmers markets. I like good quality pantry items and insist on a varied well stocked pantry. How much do you anticipate we'll spend a month on groceries?

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  1. Where are you moving from? This is going to be a difficult question to answer realistically. We can share what prices specific foods bring at various venues, if that would be helpful.

    1. My household spends WAYYYYY too much on food, but that is the only thing we really spend money on. Anyway, that is another thread entirely!

      We moved here from Chicago four yrs ago and we find groceries to be cheaper in KC. We have been in Maine, Mass., & Florida and it is still cheaper here.
      HOWEVER, there is less selection of international products - you have to go to independent ethnic-specific places- which is fine, but you have to plan ahead.
      We are finally getting Trader Joe's here which will be nice. But, I shop at Aldi to save lots of money so I can "splurge" at Whole Foods (only in Overland Park).
      Welcome to KC! Make sure you head to Eden Alley for some great vegetarian eats! (On COuntry Club PLaza , KCMO)

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        There are two Whole Foods' stores, though both are in OP, one is nearer Leawood. I never could figure out why they located them so close together...

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          The one near Leawood was originally a Wild Oats market. When Whole Foods bought WO, they kept the location. When I lived in temporary housing in Leawood, that store was the only place I bought groceries. Expensive, but fun.

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            Yeah, I worked for WFM for eight years in the nineties. They are the Borg of the natural foods industry--"resistance is futile" or so we employees used to joke. If you are a Star Trek fan, you'll be in on it.