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May 28, 2011 12:22 AM

Urgent - best place to catch Bruins SC game 1 - with great chow of course !

Morning everyone !

I fly into town from the UK tomorrow , hence the urgency

You will see from my previous posts that I am going to see the Sox Wed. afternoon , but now feel I must also catch the Bruins game 1 on TV so as to have a complete Boston sporting day as my last day in town.

This does not, of course , mean that I am prepared to forego great Chow ! So, where should I head to catch the game ?

Previous idea was to see Sox, then head to MFA and then , crazy as it seems, head back downtwon to our hotel and hop over to Cambridge for a few beers in Craigie, Miracle of Science, Cambridge Brewing, Lord Hobo, Plough & Stars, People's republik, Cantab lounge perhaps grabbing a good/great burger in one of these places.

Is this still a plan or should we abandon it and either stay near MFA or Fenway for beers and Chow, head back downtown and do similar, or something else ?

I wondered perhaps if booking Eastern Standard would give us both a good end to our stay ( have never been ) and also allow us to stay near Fenway MFA and see the Bruins agme ?

So looking for that perfect combo of chow, beers and the Bruins game and need your recs urgently. Hope you can help !

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Plough & Stars
912 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02141

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  1. It's an ambitious one-day itinerary, but doable. Normally I'd tell you to get away from Kenmore Square in the evening when the Sox are home, but the 1:35pm start (getaway day for the ChiSox) means that crowd will be gone by the time you're done with the museum, so that is a reasonable option. There are a number of good venues to dine and watch the 8pm Bruins game (though usually not both in the same place). Food: Eastern Standard, Trattoria Toscana, The Citizen, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Tasty Burger, Audubon Circle. Game: Game On!, The Lansdowne Pub, Jerry Remy's, The Baseball Tavern, Bleacher Bar. The sports bars mostly have serviceable but forgettable food.

    Regarding a Cambridge pub crawl, you should probably eliminate Craigie: it's not a comfortable spot to just pop in for a beer, not worth the trouble unless you plan to dine there. If yours is a serious beer-geek crowd, I would put together a very different itinerary (would only keep Lord Hobo from your current list). Cambridge has fewer purely sports-oriented pubs, plenty of cozy small places, and with the college kids on their way home for the summer, these should be less packed. But not all of them will have the Bruins on.

    Trattoria Toscana
    130 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215

    Eastern Standard
    528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

    Game On
    100 Terminal St, Charlestown, MA 02129

    Baseball Tavern
    1270 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215

    Lord Hobo
    92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02141

    Tasty Burger
    1301 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

    Audubon Circle Restaurant Bar
    838 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

    Island Creek Oyster Bar
    500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

    Lansdowne Pub
    9 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      On the Cambridge front it depends what you mean by 'serious beer geek'. I am early 40's so if that totally rules me out of any places on the 'he looks like he is here to collect one of his kids' basis then please let me know !

      I am definitely into trying different beers, ideally locally brewed but like to think I don't quite fit the UK stereotype of a real ale geek ( beard, Arran sweater and pipe smoker ). I do like folk music though so perhaps I am closer than I care to admit....

      If you have an alternative Cambridge route for me which is walkable from the tube/train from downtown that would be fantastic. If any of the places does particularly good wheat beers, and/or particularly good food so much the better !.

      While l we are at it, am staying at the Ames downtown - fly in tomorrow - where is good for a decent beer after ( no doubt ) standing in line at Regina pizza ?

      Thanks for any further help you can give

      1. re: willowan

        By beer geek, I mean someone who disdains national macrobrews in favor of small-producer, artisanal beers, cask-conditioned ales, obscure lambics -- the sort of person who frequents , goes to craft brew festivals, maybe does some home brewing, and so on. I don't especially dislike any of the spots on your crawl, but they don't all take the beer that seriously -- though that doesn't sound like it's a huge issue.

        I'm more of a craft cocktail person, so I would steer you to crawl Green Street, Rendezvous, Craigie (worth the trouble of trying to squeeze into that cramped bar), and Hungry Mother, all within a short walk of the Central Square stop on the Red Line.

        I think the most serious beer bar near your hotel is a few blocks away: Stoddard's, though the beer ain't cheap there.

        Hungry Mother
        Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA

    2. Watching hockey isn't like baseball or other sports where it is easy to follow the action on a crappy TV. If you really want to see the action you need somewhere with big HDTV's Unfortunately you will sacrifice food quality at these types of places (most of the sports bars Slim refers to). Somewhere like Audubon I love, however there is one TV at the back of the bar and it really doesn't cut it if you really want to watch the game. I like the Waterfront in the North End for B's games, but it will most likely be overrun with the newly swollen B's fan base during the playoffs. The pizza is pretty good there, but nothing extra special. You will need to get there well before the puck tips to get a seat, but at least you will be watching with die hard fans.

      1. Here's a thread with some discussion of great places for beer in Cambridge just in case the beer geeks don't respond in time (lots of people are away this holiday weekend, so responses might be slow). If you're patient, you'll get some good advice on the beer end. Sorry, can't help with the Bruins tv issue.

        Have a great trip!

        1. Good lord, I never heard of someone from the UK willing to lower their standards and try local American beer!!! They might not let you back in the country if they find out!

          First of Regina's - pssst, whispering now, local secret is to try to score a couple of seats at the bar to avoid the tourist lineup waiting for tables.

          As far as hockey, I would go for the fan experience over food experience. The Bruins being in the finals has been a long time waiting so being amongst true hockey fans would be a more authentic experience. After the museum, I would jump on the inbound greenline train to North Station and get decent pubfare at The Fours, which is sure to be packed with die hard fans in the Bruins neighborhood. They also have lots of great hockey memorablia

          You could then go up the street to Boston Beer Works to try a local brew.

          With the game starting at 8 , your postgame pubcrawl will be limited.

          Regardless of what I posted above, Island Creek or mussels and a beer at Easter S Time sure would hit the spot.

          Boston Beer Works
          61 Brookline Ave Ste 2, Boston, MA 02215

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          1. re: Bellachefa

            BTW, not a big beer drinker, but do love Harpoon IPA, Nantucket Whales Tale Ale and Mystic IPA, although they may be a bit light for your tastes. Although I think the fours would be a great choice, the food is decent but standard and the beer choices may be way below your expectations.

            1. re: Bellachefa

              And, I promise this is my final and. . . . before the sox game you might want to stop in at The Lower Depths 476 Comm Ave for a brew and a dog.


              Lower Depths
              476 Commonwealth Ave Ste 1, Boston, MA 02215