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May 27, 2011 10:28 PM

truffle aioli

I was at William Sonoma and they had jars of Tuffle aioli on sale so I couldn't resist. Any suggestions on where to use it?

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  1. first taste it and see how it is. Most of their products are good but you never know.

    First three things that come to mind:

    1) As a simple dip for roasted veggies - asparagus, fingerling potatoes, green beans, artichokes

    2) mixed into deviled eggs instead of mayo

    3) a little dollop on top of a big thick piece of roasted/grilled fish (oh but as I type that a dollop on top of steak could be good too)

    Tell us how it is.

    1. Make mussels with a good wheaty Belgian beer, fry up some frites!