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May 27, 2011 10:22 PM

How do I send a bottle of champagne to friend in Toronto online?

Anyone know of a good store or place where I can purchase a bottle of champagne and send to a friend who lives in Toronto? I am in Los Angeles and would have to do this online. Thanks.

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  1. Try calling Dial-a-Bottle (416) 751-4040.

    1. Try Winery to Home:

      It will have to be an Ontario sparkler, but Cuvee Catherine brut, or the rose, is not bad.

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      1. re: dalton48

        Hmm I guess you are limited to the options mentioned above or wineries in Ontario. Almost all of the wines in Ontario suck! having moved up from San Francisco trust me most of the reds in Ontario are so bad I wouldn't even bother wasting my money on em. That being said the ice Cuvee from Peller Estate is acceptable here is a link

        1. re: elvisahmed

          Perhaps you should try exploring Ontario wines before making a sweeping generalization about their quality, particularly if you've only been tasting general list Ontario wines. There are a number of great wineries producing terrific wines both in Niagara and PEC.

          Dubchild's recommendation is probably your best bet, as you can get a single bottle and probably even specify the champagne/sparkler you want.

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            Wow! It's so refreshing to have a real live person from San Francisco tell us the wines in Ontario suck. We are so stupid in Ontario that we never would have known. Thanks for the well thought out input of Ontario wines elvisahmed. I will now buy only overpriced california bottles and disregard the overpriced Ontario wines. Phew. I feel better now.
            PS. That ice cuvee suggestion is right on the money for someone who doesn't care about what Ontario winemakers are creating here.

            1. re: raybon

              As I mentioned the reds here pretty bad and I have tried them at various price points not the uber high end but I am talking up to 50-60$ range. Now I guess we can't do much about the prices here but if one was to spend money in that range one could do a lot better than Ontario Reds! Seriously I am being flamed for calling it like it is!
              As for the Ice Cuvee Suggestion the OP is asking for Champagne and since LCBO doesn't deliver one is stuck with Sparklers and Ice Cuvee is decent IMO so there you go.

            2. re: elvisahmed

              I adore the cool climate varietals from Ontario; Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Gris in particular. But I am (generally) not a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot or Syrah here. There are some wineries that can nail these varietals during excellent vintage conditions, but the climate here is generally not suited to them.

              I suggest doing a wine tour of Niagara and Prince Edward County and exploring some of the varietals above.

              I think it would also be useful to state specifically which wines you haven't enjoyed here in Ontario as other Chowhound winegeeks could steer you in another direction.

          2. FYI, practically all alcohol in Ontario is sold at a government-owned store called the LCBO. I don't think they deliver (though as dubchild points out, I believe that the delivery service dial-a-bottle could probably help with delivery). Also, as noted, there are some retail outlets outside the LCBO permitted to sell wine, but I believe that they're only allowed to sell Ontario wines.

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            1. re: torontofoodiegirl

              You can also try - but thier minimum is 6 bottles. I think the only other thing you could do is purchase an LCBO gift card for them. Then they can buy whatever Champagne they wish. Don't bang your head against the wall too much. The archaic and outdated liquor laws in Ontario can be frustrating, but hey, they're protecting us from our bad little selves.

            2. One thing not mentioned is simply paying for it at a restaurant that they will go to and (sort of) surprising them. I have done this in the past when making a reservation for my parents, and have recently been surprised by a friend who saw my name in the reservation list when dining earlier. More than retail, but the surprise factor as well as the bump in service that usually follows is very cool.

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