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May 27, 2011 06:53 PM

Mondsee, Austria in June. Any dining recommendations?

We will be spending a week in Mondsee. If anyone has been there and liked what they ate, please share!
We are interested in both upscale and casual places to eat and drink. Thanks!

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  1. Mondsee used to have a concentration of high-end places, twenty years ago...
    No the only place with some acceptable food is the Seehotel Lackner.

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Sturmi, any recommendations for Rust and the Burgenland area?

      1. re: Trip Klaus

        Burgenland is full of truly excellent restaurants. Close to Rust are Taubenkogel in Schützen am Gebirge, one of the top ten in Austria, and their Gut Oggau heurigen:

        and Gut Purbach:
        recently visited by Anthony Bourdain in his "Vienna" episode.

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thanks for the info, been to Taubenkobel (and am returning) and saw Gut Purbach on the TV. Just looking for something I haven't had.

          1. re: Trip Klaus

            There are two more restaurants worth considering

            Nyikospark in Neusiedl am See


            and, my favorite: Zur Dankbarkeit in Podersdorf, the most authentic of all these restaurants


            and yes, there is a regular boat service crossing the lake from Rust to Podersdorf


      2. re: Sturmi

        Wow! Thank you for your honesty, Sturmi!

        1. re: Sturmi

          Sturmi, I am in Mondsee now, and found that the restaurant at the new-ish Iris-Porsche Hotel serves creative, beautifully composed modern fare. We've eaten there twice this week because it was so good.

          1. re: triple creme

            Well, it seems that bad marks can have an effect !!
            Gault Millau Austria gave Iris Porsche a quite negative review and reduced the rating by one point, and so I decided not to recommend it, although my daugther has had a nice weekend at exactly this hotel (albeit without any dinner) last summer.


            Seems that these review really made a difference and started a change !!

            1. re: Sturmi

              We ate at Lackner Friday night and found the food mostly uninspired but competent, nothing outstanding. There were 7 of us, and we were all impressed by the gracious welcome by the chef, and the extraordinary view from the glassed-in terrace, and the service was very professional. We use a term in the US, "Zagat Zombies", to describe restaurants that are resting on their laurels and not too impressive anymore. I'm afraid Lackner is headed in that direction.
              Iris-Porsche, on the other hand, is top-notch.