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May 27, 2011 05:14 PM

planning a drive up the coast of Maine

from the Mass. state line to Bar Harbor. looking for most wothwhile eating stops. esp for anything lobster and great blueberry pie and anything else that our taste buds shouldnt miss

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  1. Pie In the Sky bakery in Cape Neddick has great blueberry pie.

    1. Lots of posts on this topic...I'd do a topic search. Maybe narrow it by looking in Portland, Freeport, Damariscotta, Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Bar Harbor...all good stops with many options.

      1. Yeah tons of previous recommendations on the board. Some of our favorites are Hebert Brothers Seafood and Beach Pea Baking in Kittery, York's Best (on Route 1 between York and Ogunquit) for Fried Clams, Beach Plum Lobster and Sundaes at the Beach in Wells, Scratch Bakery in South Portland (if you're headed out to Two Lights Lobster Shack on Cape Elizabeth), Toots ice Cream in Yarmouth and Thomaston Grocery near Rockland for Amy's Blueberry Pie (call ahead and reserve one). .

        I don't know if I'd "drive up the coast" to Bar Harbor, however, unless you mean you're stopping here and there for the night. Route 1 up from the border doesn't really hug the coast, you have to veer off onto the peninsula roads to see the coast, and that takes some real time. "A drive up the coast" from Mass to Bar Harbor is a helluva long day without much time to stop and enjoy the chow. Might be better to plan a freeway drive up, and ask about short chow detours off the main drag.

        Sundaes at the Beach
        231 Post Road, Wells, ME

        Scratch Bakery
        South Portland, ME, South Portland, ME

        Lobster Shack
        225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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          Treat's Bakery on Rt 1 Wiscasset Maine has large and small pies that will blow your socks off, plus lots of more treats.... What a wonderful market, and almost across the street from Reds......
          I stopped last summer and got a 4-berry pie, and I thought it puts all others including my mothers to shame............