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tattud_gurl May 27, 2011 05:05 PM

so we were in DC and Baltimore last week.
First night we went to Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Baltimore.
I was really excited to go here because their menu looked amazing. looks are deceiving...

The place is in a not very appealing part of town. As you pull your car into the parking lot, There is a big sign anouncing the 'Dining Hall' and there were a bunch or people smoking outside the door. I felt like I was walking into a wedding on long island. lol
Once we walked in, all the tables were covered in white table cloths, but the space is cavernous and loud.......making it feel like you are in the ghetto.....

Had crab balls as an appetizer. They were pretty good. I loved their cocktail sauce. nice and horseradishy.
For dinner, I had the stuffed lobster. it was stuffed with shrimp and scallops The best part of my dish was the lobster meat that didn't have any sauce on it. I found the 'stuffing' to be really tasteless and cheesey. It definitely wasn't the rich, succulent dish I was expecting.
Hubby had a special dish that had a small filet mignon, mashed potatoes covered in a shrimp gravy and a crab cake.
His dish was not bad. I really liked the shrimp gravy on his taters...it was yummy.
Our waitress was less than helpful. Hubby asked about the different tastes between 2 wines and all she could say was that the more expensive one was the popular one. (way to go)
She disappeared for a while and we never got any bread. Every other table around us had bread. Not a huge deal, but............
Once we gave her our credit card...it took forever for her to bring it back to us.
Not the best meal I've ever eaten, for sure. Live and learn.
They have happy hour that offers $1 crabs, so there were some unsavory people eating piles and piles of crab. Just sayin.........

Next night we had Ethiopian at Etete. Tiny place, but the food was yummy. We ordered a veggie combo plate and the spicy lamb. You can't go wrong wih Ethiopian. Always tasty and filling. The people there were very nice and even offered us forks...which of course we declined....this ain't our first rodeo! We eat at a wonderful Ethiopian place here in AZ, a least once a month.
we chose Etete because I read it was the best in town. It was definitely good.

On to lunch the next day at We the pizza. Spike was nowhere to be found (darnit) but the pizza really was amazing. I had a slice of artichoke and spinach. hubby had a pepperoni slice and one with sundried tomatoes and something else. it was really, really good pizza.
The space is really cute. Bathrooms and tables upstairs. There's a small bar you can sit at downstairs and a small patio.

Dinner that night at Zaytinya. Happy hour at 430, dinner at 7. Now THIS was some good eatin!
Showed up right at 430, cuz I knew it would be packed. Good call...we got the last open table.
I had a drink called a pom-fili. It was white wine, vodka, triple sec and pomegranate juice. YUM! SOOOO tasty!
On to the $4 appetizers....had the fried squid. Just ok, but the real star here was the grilled lamb stuffed pitas. OMG...it was so delish!! They came 3 to a plate and we ordered 3 plates. They were so good...I didn't want to stop eating them! Enjoyed some good conversation with a friend who met us there, then off to the dining room for dinner.
We ordered an asparagus salad, which was to die for. Nice, crunchy white and green asparagus with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar, over greens. Very refreshing.
On to the lamb chops. you can't go wrong with lamb...EVER!
2 chops grilled, laying on a bed of smoked yogurt and caper dill saltsa, Delicious!
Next course was the grilled scallops with a yogurt dill sauce. need I say more? I think not. The scallops were grilled to perfection and melted in my mouth.
Next course.....veal cheek. This was so good and the meat melted like butter.
A nice piece of cheek with braised almonds, dried plums, mavrodaphne cheese and topped with bread crumbs. this was the highlight. Sweet and tender.
The only bad dish we had was the snails. I love escargot, but these were deep-fried and we weren't a fan...at all.
Dessert was excellent. It as called Greek apricots. it was like a parfait. Creamy yogurt and sweet apricots. It was the perfecy sweet end to a wonderful meal.

Next day was lunch at Ping Pong. Fancy dim sum. I had a flowering tea that was not only tasty, but beautiful as well. It comes all tied up, them as it steeps, the flower opens up.
We ordered a veggie combo and a seafood combo to share. Everything was really good, but I like the old fashioned way...with carts and I can pick what I want.

Dinner at Granville Moores in the H street corridor. A tiny place with amazing food. If you love mussells, this is the place for you!
I had a swett, cherry beer that was amazing. I had cherry beer in Belgium, so I was happy to see it on the menu.
We started off with an appetizer of hand made peppardelle with baby shrimp, asparagus, olive oil and truffle. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it tatsed wonderful. If I wasn't looking so forward to the mussells, I would have eaten 3 or 4 of these plates!
One of the people in our party ordered the steak and cheese sandwich on the advice of our waitress....which was phenomenal, just like she said. The carmelized onions really made the flavor of the sandwich, pop. Really, really good.
Of course we had some mussells. it was hard to decide what to order, but we settled on Bleu bowl. Blue cheese with pork belly, spinach, shallots, white wine and lemon.
I was a bit worried the blue cheese would overpower everything, but I was wrong. The sauce was subtle, yet tasty. we scrafed those things down so quick! Little bits of pork belly floating around. Perfection in a bowl. The sauce that was leftover was sopped up with bread...and more bread. I couldn't stop stuffing my face.
And the frites.....omg the frites. Ymmy yummy, crispy fries. They have dipping sauces for the fries, which we tried. Truffle mayo and a chipotle mayo. the truffle one was so good, I could have put it on my shoe and ate it.
Such a great meal. The neighborhood looks a little sketchy, but it was worth the visit.

Next day was lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl. I can see why this place is an institution. It was saturday so there was a line out the door. We were outside for about half an hour, before we actually got inside the building. Thank god it wasn't hot outside.
Ordered the Bens Original which is the half smoke, covered in chili and cheese. Add a side of chili cheese fries and let the party start! My hubby loved his half smoke, but I should have just gotten a hot dog instead. I liked the half smoke, but didn't love it
The chili cheese fries were another story. SOOO good. Put a few drops of hot sauce on there...HEAVEN. The chili reminds me of the chili at Tommy's Burgers in Southern CA.
Everyone who worked at The chili bowl was super nice, as busy as they were. The manager came by and asked how everything was and the guy that was keeping th line in check, kept stopping by to say hello. Really good lunch there.

Our last dinner in DC was a French place in Georgetown. Cafe La Ruche.
I was excited to have my fave sandwich, Croque Madam. To say the least, we were disappointed.
It's a cute little place, with the smallest bathroom I have ever seen.
We decided on the escargot and the duck pate.
The pate was good, the escargot were served in a bowl with garlic butter and were good as well.
My French onion soup was tasteless and m croque madam was just ok. In my opinion not enough mornay sauce. it was a tad dry.
Hubby had duck l'orange and it too, was just ok.
bummed it wasn't better, but we had fun, anyway

1942 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Ben's Chili Bowl
1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Jimmy's Famous Seafood
6526 Holabird Ave., Baltimore, MD 21224

Cafe La Ruche
1039 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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    Steve May 27, 2011 09:32 PM

    Thanks so much for writing a thorough report. Feedback from visitors is the best we have at figuring out how things are shaping up compared to the 'outside' world. I find your comments very perceptive. You definitely chose well ordering the Greek apricot / yogurt dessert.

    Interesing that you have good Ethiopian where you are. As far as I can tell, it is finally spreading more and more.

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