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May 27, 2011 04:35 PM

West Palm Beach

It has been over a year. Just checking in to see what is new, or what has gone downhill. Heading down on 6/5 for a week. What do I need to know? I check in every time we head your way. We have never been let down by your recs. We (I) eat all. the hubs does not eat sushi. Thanks as always!!

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  1. Nothing really new in WPB except a few places. How far are you willing to drive? Lots of great places in Palm Beach Gardens like Cool'ah Fish Bar, Reef Grill, Leftover's Cafe in Jupiter, Pita Grille (no pitas on the dinner menu but great Mediterranean food) , China Beach Bistro (new) in Northwood is supposed to be great but have never been.

    Relish - Northwood Village upscale burgers of all varieties (beef, shrimp, fish, turkey, buffalo, lamb, lobster, etc.) with unique relishes and great shakes

    Bamboo Fire in Delray - well worth the drive. Privately owned an operated small Caribbean resto.

    Vietnamese Express Cafe in North Palm Beach - small, casual, and consistently good food here for reasonable prices

    Talay Thai near PGA National - great upscale Thai resto that is my fav.

    Pelican Cafe in Lake Park - small and private. Great lunch spot on their deck and they serve breakfast too.

    La Trattoria - Carmine's Italian resto next to his market and probably the best in the area

    CG Burgers and Pizza - his new burger and coal fired pizza place just down the road from the market.

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      Thanks freakerdude. We will drive great distances for good food!

    2. Add in Verdea Restaurant ( to the list. Chef James King has created a seasonal menu, embracing farm-to-table cuisine that rivals the best restaurants in Miami. It's a wine bar/restaurant that offers a wine list of 250 wines available by the glass or by the bottle. Kubo is also great, though it's closed for the summer. The chef, Roy Villacrusis created the menu at Dirty Martini that opened last week at Downtown at the Gardens.

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        Have you tried French Corner Bistro on Okeechobee (same strip mall as Zuccarelli's). Very good and authentic French fare at reasonable prices. Place is small, suggest reservations.

        We also discovered/liked Victoria's Peruvian Cuisine (111 S. Third St., Lantana - on west side of RR tracks across from Lantana post office). Lots of seafood dishes, including ceviches, and Peruvian stews. Very reasonable prices

      2. Hey Crazy;
        You just may be the answer to my prayers. As a child all of our special events, birthdays, graduations, mother;s day, etc., were spent at the Pub in Pennsauken,NJ. I can no longer indulge my cravings for their famous Roquefort dressing. For the past 20 years I have lived in SW Florida. I have spent countless hours searching the web fro the recipe. Any chance you know the recipe?

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          Wow. How did you make that connection?

        2. We loved La Trattoria! Actually went for dinner one night and for lunch with friends who were visiting on Saturday. The market was amazing. We went through there during both visits.

          We had dinner at III Forks. While the Ribeye was the best I have had in Florida, the sides were average. (The hubs picked it)

          Dinner at 3800 Ocean was also delightful.

          On our visit to Delray, we enjoyed Bamboo Fire. We usually go to City Oyster, so this was a really nice change!

          The rest of the time we were enjoying fresh caught fish in Islamorada!

          Thank you freakerdude! I look forward to my next visit to WPB.

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            Excellent....thanks for reporting back. Carmine also has his new Umi sushi and seafood resto behind the market. Everything he does is a winner.