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May 27, 2011 04:23 PM

What are you using your little 2.5 qt. doufeu for?

This was so cute and such an awesome price. What are you guys making in yours? Are you making any small roasts or cornish hens?

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  1. I returned my 2.5 qt round, thinking it was too small. A year later, I bought a 2.75 qt oval. In it, I have made potato-leek soup and beef stew from Judith Jones' book, "Cooking for One." Both dishes made 3-4 meals each, and there was extra room in the vessel. I plan to braise a few turkey legs and make an osso bucco, though for that I think I will need to put parchment paper across the top to "lower" the lid. I also want to try a small rolled steak and a cornish hen this fall.

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      Is the 2.75 oval that much larger though than the 2.5 round? I might replace mine with the 2 75 qt. soup pot. I guess the shape matters as well as the size. I think the soup pot might be more versatile as it's 9" across and can hold a small roast as well as a cornish hen and gives you more room around it.. You CAN though get a small roast or hen in that doufeu.

    2. Like E_M I returned my doufeu (not sure if E_M had the doufeu or round). I thought it would be great for grains but I don't really cook drains that much! I use my pressure cooker for rice and grains.
      I still it's cute, I just have too many pieces at the moment!

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