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May 27, 2011 03:15 PM

Nantucket Late June - Food recs

I used to summer and frequent Nantucket but have not been in a few years. We are hoping to come late June for 1-2 nights. I seek amazing but cannot afford high end as we may splurge on a high end inn. My idea is memorable and amazing, low key and moderate prices...would love your recs. Fresh local seafood would be the desired cuisine. Would also LOVE a great lunch spot.

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    1. re: purple bot

      Thanks purple..followed that thread well. I am seeking moderate vs high end places listed on the previous thread. Ciclista?

    2. try Michael Sturgis' Jared Coffin House's new so they will give a damn. Whatever M.S. is doing, it will be good.

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      1. re: MacshashRIP

        I beg to differ re: MS. I am not a fan of smarmy fawning, but to each his own.

        If you come to Nantucket in early June, then you might hit restaurant week, June 6-12. Check it out on As you will see, many are offering special menus at the $35, $40, $45 price point. It might be sticker shock to some, but here on Nantucket, those are "deals". Also, if you go to the restaurant week website, you can click on all of the various resto's websites just to get a feel for what they serve, the atmosphere, etc. Especially since you said you'll probably be coming late June. The restaurants are expensive here. As I have said before, I do like Black Eyed Susan's (BYOB) and Lola 41 (where I can get sushi or just about anything from their eclectic menu) and not feel violated. I have not been to the new places yet: Pazzo, Brick House, or that place where Cambridge St used to be (why can't I ever remember the name?). As for lunch, splurge and go to Wauwinet or Galley Beach. It will be an expensive lunch, but far, far less than if you were to have dinner there. Brant Point Grille (harbor view) might be nice for lunch, too, provided they're not having a wedding there that day.

        We'll do a dry run if you come out next weekend!

        Lola 41
        15 S Beach St, Nantucket, MA 02554

        1. re: ciclista

          ********I beg to differ re: MS. I am not a fan of smarmy fawning, but to each his own.*********

          Ultimately, it's only about the food. If great food is accompanied by "smarmy fawning", I'm all for it. You are getting the best of both worlds. Otherwise, you can be like Sfoglia and act like you're doing everyone a favor, and look what happened to them! (out of business).

          My final Black Eyed Susan's experience: I ordered "Hash and Eggs" (corned beef hash and eggs). Waiter asked, "Is that all?" Which made me wonder....."Hmm. Why would he ask that?" So, he ends up bringing me potatoes and eggs. I say, "No. I meant corned beef hash and eggs"(who would say hash and eggs and only want potatoes?). Then, when my new ticket goes to the cook line, it gets put AT THE END, I wait another 45 MINUTES. And then I walk out.

          1. re: MacshashRIP

            I don't consider listening to scripted insincere Eddie Haskell-like comments "the best of both worlds", but like I said, to each his own. And careful, let's not forget, MS went out of business, too. Not that I am condoning the atrocious behavior of the Sfoglia owner. We are in agreement on that one.

            The Black Eyed Susan's waiter sounds like an idiot, or at least a breakfast neophyte. Not a fan of their season it is as hot as Calcutta in there, and the patio is not much better. And $$$.

            Sfoglia Restaurant
            130 Pleasant St, Nantucket, MA 02554

            1. re: ciclista

              so where would you go for breakfast...?? or Sunday brunch...

              1. re: phelana

                Breakfast/Sunday brunch: Center St Bistro, Fog Island, or Brant Point Grille (more high end/brunch-y) with alcohol.

                Center St Cafe
                140 Center St, Shelton, CT 06484

      2. Fog Island great breakfast(pancakes) and lunch. Quequeges small, good scallops.