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May 27, 2011 01:54 PM

I have a jar of capers. Now what?

I was at the market, as I was walking by the capers when it occurred to me that I had never used capers before. I came home and made a lemon caper sauce, which used a small fraction of the jar I purchased. What do I do with the rest of them? Any good recipes?

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  1. Are you in a hurry to use them up? because they last for a long time...

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      I'm not particularly anxious, but I'd like to know there's something I can do with them. I also enjoyed them, so I wouldn't mind using them again.

      1. re: DPGood

        So, how long do they last? I have a small jar that I forgot about...unopened.
        Once I open jars/sauces...I date them with a Sharpie markie and put into the fridge.
        However this jar has never been opened. Yikes they might be 2 years old!
        Still OK?

      2. Lemon & capers are such a happy match. Here they are in chicken piccata (Giada De Laurentiis):

        1. They are delicious fried. Also yummy in a marinade for goat's cheese or feta. And a nice change in salads.

          1. Capers have too many uses to list. They're excellent added to salads for an astringent note. As others have noted, they're great with (or without) lemon in sauces. They play well with pasta. They're a fine addition to a butter sauce for trout or other white fleshed fish, or as a finishing touch to cream based pan sauces for pork, veal, even beef - they're good for cutting richness.

            One of my favorite uses is to rinse and thoroughly dry a small handful of them. Then deep fry them in a 1/2 inch of oil (~350 degrees) in your smallest saucepan. They come out crispy, flavorful little garnishes that can be used for nearly anything.

            1. I like capers too. They go great on a toasted bagel with lox, cream cheese, raw onion, etc. Sure you'll get a lot of other good ideas from other posters too. Enjoy.