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May 27, 2011 01:34 PM

If your host is burning their food and doesn't turn down the heat...

...and it looks like they might not be making the connection between the level of heat and the burning of the food, but are also not asking for input or advice, do you say something?

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  1. Nope! If it was family I would but a friend I would let it go. Most of my friends are not as knowledgeable in the kitchen as I am (I know it sounds pompous of me) and I'd rather not make them feel bad.

    1. Call me a rude guest, but if I'm in the kitchen with the host to notice something is burning or close to burning, I would probably just turn down the heat myself and say something along the line of "I know when I host I have a million things on my mind, sorry but I turned down the burner as I was afraid it was burning, do you want me to turn it back up?"

      Of course though in my circle, if I'm close enough with the host to be in the kitchen while cooking, I'm close enough to help and not feel rude by potentially embarrassing them. I know if I was the host I'd rather have the help then have to face the embarrassment/stress of burning a dish for a dinner party.

      1. 'Did you mean to have the pan turned up that high?'

        1. I would definitely say something like, "Whoa, is something burning?" I know I've been so busy juggling multiple things in the kitchen that I've nearly burnt stuff, and would definitely want somebody to tell me.

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            lawhound, I'm thinking about how hilarious that would have been in my situation since I was standing 2 feet away from her as she was doing nothing else but burning the bacon...

            1. re: inaplasticcup

              ahh, well you didn't say it was bacon! One man's burned is another's "crispy". :) I actually went to a diner with someone that ordered their bacon medium well. Do other people order bacon to temp? I still get a chuckle out of it. Aside from being slightly embarassed and surprised that they asked for a temp at a diner, it got us on a big convo about how people are very peculiar with their taste in bacon crispness. Personally I like it a crisp on the edges but still a bit chewy on the inside. Burned, dry and super crisp is not my preference, but maybe the host's.

              1. re: timxph

                I hear you on the preferences, but you know how there's a way to achieve a supercrisp doneness without actually burning the bacon and making the whole kitchen smoke? She actually mentioned that the bacon was burnt and then proceeded to flip it and cook it some more at the same heat. It wasn't my impression that she liked it that way, but my perception could have been off.

                1. re: inaplasticcup

                  I have two relatives that always order their bacon "burned" when we go out for breakfast. It always comes out extra crispy.

                2. re: timxph

                  That is so true! I love my bacon crisp to just a few seconds short of burning.

                  1. re: timxph

                    My ex used to tell stories of a co-worker who would, on business trips, order his bacon extra-crisp. He always wondered if the request made any difference to the restaurant staff. Then again, my ex only ate microwaved turkey bacon, so he had no preferences on regular bacon.

              2. I'd ask if I could turn it down...especially if it was going to be my sole sustenance in the next hour or so.