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May 27, 2011 12:47 PM

Best Used or Discount Bookstore for Cookbooks in Toronto (Downtown)

A friend is visiting and she's asked if we can visit a used or discount bookstore as she'd like to pick up some cookbooks.

Any suggestions? We'll be on foot or subway (or taxi back to Union if need be!!)

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  1. I like BMV in the Annex for cookbooks. You can find some good classics there, like books by Marcella Hazan, but it's hit or miss so you'll have to keep checking. I also find Book City to be good for decently-priced new books. Also in the Annex area is a smaller used bookstore in the semi-basement level on Bloor, in between BMV and Book City, also on the south side of the street. I can't recall the name but I find that this place often has some best sellers that you can't find at BMV.

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      Also, the BMV branch at Eglinton & Yonge is very good for cookbooks. There is a big table in front of the cash desk, as well as a series of shelves near the north wall of the ground floor.

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        I haven't been to either BMV before loosia and taterbrandy so we sincerely appreciate the recommendation. Thank-you!

    2. I have found interesting cookbooks at She Said Boom! and have only been to the 372 College St. location.

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        Ah, I have been meaning to go to She Said Boom! for some time now.

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          foodyDudey thanks so much for this, we'll definitely check out She Said Boom. We're heading to the AGO and planned to hit the Kensington Market before heading home so this is a perfect recommendation.

        2. Elliot's on Yonge north of Wellesly a good selection

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            Thanks blogs, much appreciated. I may check it out tomorrow as I have a meeting at Bay & Bloor.

          2. browse in any book store and then buy it online at
            sorry chapters, it has a limited selection and does not deliver as fast.

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              especially if you are looking for specific, out of print cookbooks
              I picked up a good copy of Madam Benoit Encyclopedia of Cooking for a good price there

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                I agree 2k1sedan, I've picked up tons of fabulous deals at Abes.

                wano, my friend loves visiting used bookstores so this is really about the outing itself. I'm w you on Amazon vs Chapters though. Plus you get the 37% off as a matter of course, no memberships required. I know Chapters has recently launched their free Plum rewards but I think it's too little too late. I also like the recommendations that Amazon provides, very helpful.