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May 27, 2011 10:43 AM

Restaurant recommendation off of 680 from Walnut Creek to San jose

I have a out of town visitor coming in tonight. I need a restaurant recommendation for a good restaurant off of 680.
- any kind of food
- great drink options
- moderate pricing ($ 0-100) for 2 people
- great atmosphere for out of town guest to get an idea of the bay area
- I will bringing an infant, so casual and fun place (spacious for a baby carrier)
- people watching to get a bay area vibe
- Easy access off of 680 from Walnut Creek to San jose

Thank you

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  1. How about Piatti? Its just off 680 at 100 Sycamore Valley Road West, Danville. Normally, I wouldn't suggest a chain restaurant, but it is a small chain, and they do a good job. It is also family oriented so an infant won't be out of place, and you still should get some pretty good people watching.

    1. There's a whole slew of restaurants on North Main St. in Walnut Creek (Get off at the North Main Exit, & stay to the right)
      Note: This is only the Walnut Creek area

      My personal favorite is Vanessa's Bisrto2
      (Franco-Vietnamese; Tapas menu & Bar);
      it's pretty quiet and calm during the day, but at night it gets more lively and you might need to book a table ahead of time (at least an hour). The Calamari is always a favorite there!
      There's also Modern China Cafe
      They have outdoor seating (be careful of the magnolia tree! the leaves are still falling off!), bar, Dim Sum menu, heat lamps (yay!), the title speaks for itself, it serves a modern twist on most traditional chinese cuisine.

      Those are the only two I've actually tried, but you can always check out these:
      Kara's Cupcakes (for your sweet tooth) (
      )Mel's Diner
      Sasa (
      Breads of India (
      )Erawan Thai Restaurant (
      Silk Road Restaurant (
      )Dan's Irish sports Bar (
      )Pyramid Alehouse (
      )Bombay Indian Restaurant
      Tomatina (
      )Pomegranate (
      )1515 Restaurant (
      )Havana (


      And that's just to name a few (you can also check out North California Blvd.)