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May 27, 2011 09:53 AM

Best place for after dinner drinks for a hip couple in their 30's in Old Montreal?

Me and my SO are in Montreal from out of town tonight, having dinner at DNA and looking for someplace cool to hit up for drinks after. Possibly even somewhere with live music?

No place pretentious please, we're pretty laid back! We both enjoy beer, wine and creative cocktails.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. :-)

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  1. l'assomoire on Notre Dame has a pretty good cocktail list. They have another location on Bernard. I know the one on Bernard you can't just drink, you have to buy a ittle something to eat. Something about their liquor license. They usually have little apps to share. I don't think the one on Notre Dame has this restriction....

    1. I would say Philémon, however, it is not that laidback and not that unpretentious... But no place would fill that ticket in Old Montréal these days...

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        Hmm, Philémon definitely does not fit the bill. Probably is the most decent place to go for drinks in the Old Port for late 20's and 30-somethings, but it's still very loud and contrived. I know that Le Jardin Nelson in the Old Port has live jazz throughout the day and night, but I've only gone there to eat brunch and not for drinks.

        I'd suggest you take a cab up north to Pullman's wine bar at Parc and Sherbrooke, or Buvette Chez Simone at Parc and St. Joseph, or Reservoir at St. Laurent and Duluth. For live music, try going to Casa del Popolo in the Mile End.

        Casa del Popolo
        4871 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R6, CA

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          I second Pullmans... You have to order an app I think. Its a hip somewhat romantic wine bar.

            1. re: kpaxonite

              I would third Pullman, not that it's not located in Old Mtl... And Buvette is miles (not even kidding) from Old mtl + Can be almost as contrived as philemon (Especially on Friday night).
              If you have to travel miles, you could also try Dominion Tavern...

              1. re: Ched1000

                I find that this city is actually quite small and fairly accessible...even if Mile End is kilometers away from the Old Port. And I actually don't find Buvette Chez Simone pretentious. Yes, it's in the Mile End, but I find it a relaxed, fun, come-as-you-are atmosphere without being a seedy drinking hole.

                But I think the consensus here is that Pullman's (downtown) is probably the best bet.

                And I would definitely not suggest Le Confessional in the Old Port. I am still peeling off the greasy feeling, horrid music, and drunken groping that I was subjected to when I was there in January.

                1. re: looosia

                  and I second your comments on Confessional...
                  But not regarding Buvette ;) still love the place though!

        2. Unfortunately, you cannot really have both quality beer, quality wine and quality cocktails at the same time at the same places.

          None have live music.

          Le Lab and Assomoire for cocktails (and basic beers)
          La Buvette Chez Simone & Pullman for wine (and basic beers)
          Dieu du Ciel Bily-Kun (for beer)

          As other stated, some places have a restaurant permit, so you need to order food (you can share between people).

          1. Thanks for all the comments c'hounds. Much appreicated. We're actually staying at the Hilton Garden Inn on Sherbrooke, so Pullman is right around the corner. A little back and forth for dinner at DNA first, but will heed your advice. Seems like Buvette isn't too far from us either so maybe we'll check out both!

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            1. re: gourmetnista

              Both is a good idea! Start with Pullman as it wind down earlier...

              1. re: Ched1000

                Im not so sure about that,,,,, Ive been there fairly late and its been full.

                The food there are just small tapas... to keep costs down the wine tasting (3 wines) is excellent value

            2. For live music I suggest Dieze Once on St Denis (not too far north of Sherbrooke). They also have decent tapas - you can eat then stay for the music. Definitely not pretentious.