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May 27, 2011 09:42 AM

Uses for leftover strawberry cream cheese

I have some leftover strawberry cream cheese from the bagel shop. What should I do with it? Can I convert it into an icing? It seems a little thick. Would I put it in the food processor to whip some air into and possibly some powdered sugar to sweeten it up a bit?

Or can I use it in a trifle? Help! I've never bought flavored cream cheese before and now I see why. You're stuck with a bunch as leftovers!

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  1. You could mix it with mascarpone or ricotta and use it in a trifle or top a slice of pound cake with it.

    1. Stir a few drops of vanilla into it and spread on graham crackers for a cheesecake fix.

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        I spread it on Nlila wafers yesterday. Yum! The problem is that I'm the only one eating it now and I am going to make myself sick when I wind up eating the entire tub!

      2. You could whip up a batch of cream-cheese brownies, if you've enough of it.

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          Great idea! I could serve it with some strawberry ice cream on the side.

        2. Many years ago I had some strawberry cream cheese in a closed container that got overlooked in the fridge for some time. When I took it out, it had turned blue. My kids were delighted to see something that had turned into George Carlin's "blue food" and we kept it around for a while so they could share it with their friends.

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            That's another good use for it! Impress kids with science experiment.