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May 27, 2011 09:33 AM

Help with my soon-to-be-world-famous Oatmeal Cookies

I make the world's best granola. It has occured to me that the world's best granola , applied to oatmeal cookies, might make the world's best oatmeal cookie.

So...I will start w/ the recipe on the Quaker Box. I always use regular oats, not the sawdust kind that the Mrs. Field's recipe calls for. My granola is oat-intensive.

So, would you:
a. sub granola for all the oats?
b. sub granola for only a part of the oats?
c. make the recipe as you would normally, but sprinkle the dough ball w/ granola before baking?
d. something else?


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  1. I'd try a and b and see which one I like better. c doesn't sound appealing to me, but you should experiment with all the iterations to see which one is most successful.

    1. D. I would use granola as an add-in like chocolate chips to start with and adjust from there. The granola is going to add sweetness and fat, so a one-to-one exchange may require some adjustment to the sugar and fat. Maybe sub some oats for granola if you know the add-in amount isn't going to be enough.

      1. Do you have your heart set on that oatmeal cookie recipe? If not, I'd start w/ an oatmeal granola cookie recipe and play with that. Were you looking to keep the crunchy texture of the granola, or for it to become soft cookie-like? BTW, would you share your recipe for the best granola?

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          Exactly. I wanted to mix the crunchy texture of the granola w/ the soft, sweet texture of cookie. Unfortunately, in the 8 minutes they took to cook, the granola softened. Not entirely, but enough that it didn't really stand out they way I wanted it to.

          I beleive that if I did not halve the butter in the original cookie recipe, it would go a long way toward the texture I want. I think my "hearty lower fat" oatmeal cookies are just not rich enough. A very buttery cookie that spread out more might showcase the granola better. oh well. I didn't really intend to fatten up my cookies :-(

          granola recipe soon

          1. re: danna

            I wonder if it would work to do a granola base, like a cheesecake crust. Then bake the cookie on top of that? If it stays crispy through cheesecake batter, it'll stay crispy w/ cookie on top. This is a great crust:


            Or do something along those lines, of using twice baked granola to keep the crunch.

        2. I think you're brill and love your idea first of all.
          Secondly, mind posting your granola recipe for all of us.
          I am a huge lover of home made granola and make it often myself and although it's wonderful I'd rather try yours next time.

          Now for the cookie, why not start a smaller batch of cookies first.
          I'd do [b] so half and half.
          Now, since we don't know what's in your granola, that's a factor too.

          Guess you'll just have to post that recipe of yours so we can be more help to you.
          Thanks Danna

          1. d.

            Whatever oatmeal cookie recipe you settle on, add in some crushed potato chips to the batter. Brings the cookies to a whole new level.