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What Happened to Last Licks Mini-Chain? Scarsdale, Rye Brook...

have they all been swept away? are they being taken over by a new wave of asian bistros or 5 guys burgers? Who's got the news?

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  1. They've all been sold from what I hear to independent owners. Some owners plan on keeping their own stores an ice cream/froyo/candy place, but the sports theme (and the Steiner memorabilia) may not be there.

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      Gracias! Maybe they'll keep the ice cream flavors...that "carton crunch" was tasty stuff!

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        Hopefully! I think the ice cream/yogurt theme is staying put so we may be in luck. :o)

    2. The one in RB is totally empty now.

      1. Does anyone know where I can find the chipwich cake or something similar (2 huge chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in between and chips all around)? The one from last licks served like 12 people. It was pretty great.

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          I believe Stew leonards does them

        2. According to the menu, the Johnny Rockets that just opened in Eastchester is serving Last Lick's Ice Cream. No mention of the chipwich cake, though.

          1. Last Licks were owned in their entirety by Steiner Sports...
            They decided too sell them all off...they were offered as a bulk sale...and then as individual units.

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              I saw in Armonk they reopened he ice cream store under new name...has anyone been? what kind of ice cream are they serving?

            2. Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is moving into the spot in Rye Brook. http://ryeridgeshoppingcenter.com/fea... I've never been to one. Any reviews?

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                If you have been to a pink berry, froyo, or insert every other columbo/tcby re-tread you have been to red mango. it's scary how these places just keep popping up all over the place. almost as scary as these puppy-mill shops...