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Feb 17, 2006 11:25 PM

THE WHALE AND ALE (San Pedro) - give me the lowdown?

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Going to the Whale and Ale next week for a dinner gathering.

Never been.

Can someone give me the lowdown?

Thanks much in advance.

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  1. A little pricey, but they have my favorite fish & chips in LA County. Big fresh cod filet in a golden brown Bass ale batter. I like their small side salad too with walnuts, sliced mushroom, and bleu cheese.

    1. They do have good fried clams, squid and shrimp - a appetizer combo too I believe. Fish and chips are good too (as mentioned). Pretty good beer selection on tap. Cozy pub atmosphere.

      1. Expensive for fish and chips but definitely worth it once and awhile--best fish and chips around! Order the fried calamari! =)

        1. I didn't taste the fish'n'chips, but the shepherd's pie I had was okay, but nothing special.

          1. Based on your post, you dined there around 2/24. How was it? What did you have? ect.